When people say that redistributing wealth means everyone will be poor, I remember that study that said that after $70K/year, people’s life satisfaction actually decreases. Here’s how many times the Forbes top 10’s net worth would pay that number:

Bezos: 2,042,857
Koch brothers (combined): 1,385,714
Bill Gates: 1,271,428
Buffet: 1,114,285
Zuckerberg: 908,571
Larry Ellison: 842,857
Bloomberg: 668,571
Larry Page: 637,142
Sergey Brin: 620,000
Total: 9,491,425

And it’s not like they stop making money. They just hoard it and for what? They can’t take it with them.

Bezos’ net worth would pay $70K to over 2M people.

He has 563,100 Amazon employees.


Corporations stealing labor, taxes, to starve workers 

@SuzanEraslan They even try to avoid paying taxes, so it's not helping the country. What's the point in measuring success using GDP?

My country's actually looking at replacing GDP with something that takes 'total quality of life' into account when measuring the country's success. Really neat idea I think.

@SuzanEraslan I think they're just trying to get a high score.

Corporations stealing labor, taxes, to starve workers 

@SuzanEraslan @Antanicus People sometimes talk about how bad things were in the former Soviet Union but this is like the US equivalent. According to the official dogma Amazon is an example of a success story - the system working as intended - and yet workers are still paid so badly that they have to depend on starvation rations.

Bezos Wealth/Guillotines 

Bezos Wealth/Guillotines 

Bezos Wealth/Guillotines 

@eutektoid The length of recorded human history is 5,000 years. Bezos could live happily on his current net worth for over 400x that length.

Four hundred times the *length of all recorded human history*. It’s foolish excess to the point of sheer villainy.

@SuzanEraslan Even if it was only a partial redistribution... imagine what the job market would do if Amazon warehouse workers had a guaranteed starting salary of 70k/year.

@SuzanEraslan like, I'd prefer full redistribution myself, but even just a half-assed "don't exploit workers, in fact give some of them a pretty good deal" as a transitional thing would have pretty good knock-on effects.

@SuzanEraslan saddest most corrupt list of jerks on the planet

@SuzanEraslan oops I meant list of saddest most corrupt jerks on the planet

Sorry it’s like 40deg C tonight

@xxbc Omg, where are you that it’s that hot? (Also, thanks capitalism, for that, too.)


A man must live by his work, and his wages must at least be sufficient to maintain him.

-- Adam Smith


@SuzanEraslan Honestly, I expected more than 10 million people to be covered by that wealth combined. This is not even a needle in the haystack. Where is all that wealth that is plundered from like other 7.5 billion people world wide?

@ljgww I think you mean drop in the bucket, not needle in a haystack— these people aren’t lost among millions of others; we know exactly who they are.

This is just the top 10 *Americans*, but that’s my point. A dinner party’s worth of human beings could float 10 million people for a year. We’re now at a point where 1% of the world owns 50.1% of the wealth, and insists on telling us there isn’t enough to go around.

@SuzanEraslan yes you're right its a piece of pie.
Of course, point is somewhere else. We, small people are robotised to produce, the only program that does the production is 'there is not enough'.

@SuzanEraslan i always thought needle in haystack is smaller than the drop in the bucket. But I may be wrong on that.

@SuzanEraslan on the third note, armed with scientific method, I can set completely opposite theories by scaling up examples at small scale.
And also these 1% of wealthy is perhaps large number, with current population it would amount to about nearly 80 million people which is approx a population of a Germany. That is a lot of people - I wish I can imagine a conspiracy at this scale.


Think globally.

There are apparently 2208 billionaires in the world. That's about 0.0000003% of the world's current population of 7.442 billion.

The annual cost to end both world hunger and extreme poverty is an estimated $205 billion annually.

Redistributing the wealth of the billionaires would end hunger and poverty for over 44 years.

2 generations of people could grow up without ever having to worry about hunger or poverty. Just imagine what the world could become...

@SuzanEraslan At some point everyone, probably even libs, are going to have to collectively stand up and say, "This is wrong. You can't lock away the world for yourselves when we all live here." If we don't, I have very large doubts about our continued survival.

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