🧚‍♀️ *dances around the room in a sparkly dress, tapping people on the head with a star tipped wand until they're dazzling with fairy dust and enlightenment, and sings* 🧚‍♀️

✨ 🎶
No one deserves civility
As a response to bigotry,
Not you, nor you, nor you, you too!

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(I think I have found my destiny in life, which is to be a knock off Disney fairy who pours glitter on people until they get it.)

(Or I will turn you into a goon! Whatever that is. I’ll go ask the former Bunny Foo-Foo.)

@catoutofbed “You want performative civility? I’ll give it to you in a sarcastic, major key soprano.”

@kitoconnell Oh, dear. That’s quite a threat I’m making! 🧚‍♀️

@SuzanEraslan Goons are noble creatures, fiercely protective of their families, but rarely invited to cocktail hour

@kitoconnell Hmmmm. Then not a goon. I don’t think these people deserve nobility.

@SuzanEraslan be like the ghost of Christmas present from Scrooged, but with a bucket of glitter.

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