You ever think about how the revolution is your retirement plan?

@erosdiscordia Right? Like every time I see something that’s like “Start investing now!” I just laugh and laugh and then try not to weep.

@SuzanEraslan Exactly.

I first realized it at about 15, when I read about social security, looked at the size of the Boomer generation, looked at the size of Gen X, and did some basic math.

Eat the rich.

@SuzanEraslan yes. I love how my parents (and boomers in general) think this is a joke. Like,,, no??? How the fuck else am I going to live comfortably into old age if we don’t overthrow the government kill landlords and abolish bosses????

@SuzanEraslan I don’t think I’ve funded Up Against the Wall enough, I should adjust my withholding

@zigg You know, this was not what I was getting at, but the idea did pop into my head as I tooted it... we need to be INVESTING in the revolution as if it were our retirement plan.

@SuzanEraslan I thought that as I typed it—“hey, this joke has layers…”

@noelle @thamesynne @zigg Listen, investments don’t have to be cash. Investments can be:

• learning sustainable farming practices
• teaching yourself how to synthesize important medicines
• learning first aid
• learning various fighting and defense practices
• building up networks of mutual aid so that when things go pear shape, you are taken care of and can take care of others
• some other things I shouldn’t say publicly, but you can infer 😈

@SuzanEraslan @thamesynne @zigg I know. <3 I guess the joke wasn't as self-evident as I thought it was. >_>

@noelle @thamesynne @zigg Oh, no, I got the joke. I’m just saying, let’s do it! The rich are already doing it, building and stocking doomsday bunkers. They think it’s coming and they have nothing to gain by preparing, only everything to lose or maybe hold on to, but we have everything to gain!

@SuzanEraslan literally had this conversation last night

I will be pretty fucking amused if we have a revolution that still gives a fuck about my 401k balance

@SuzanEraslan Yesterday while going out this was the exact thing I asked people. The answers were shocking tbh :/ Most where either something like _we won't have much choice_ to even _my retirement plan is not getting old and hoping I don't get sick_ (and I had more than one of each). These where people of around 30 and most where not kidding

@SuzanEraslan Lost my job last year right around the time all of the N/S Korea stuff was going down. Didn't feel a pressing urge to really find a new job if that dumbass in the White House was going to get us all killed in a fiery blaze...

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