I just got an email with the subject line “The French Girl’s Guide To Wearing Black Lingerie” and for the first time in my life I feel like I deeply understand the slang usage of the word “basic.”

Hey could you forward me this email, I would love to read this.

@AudreyJune I mean, it's a marketing email, and, uh... the content is actually WORSE than I could have imagined before I opened it.

Like... the first "rule" of the guide is "Always match your bra to your knickers."

The second one is "speak le body language: always refer to your chest as your 'decolleté'."

Oh my god, this email gets so much worse (yes, it's a marketing email-- yes, a person was probably paid a handsome salary to write this dreck). Here is the... content, if you can call it that:

1) always match your bra to your knickers
there's nothing French about a padded, hot pink bra & a cotton thong printed with puppy dogs.

2) speak le body language
always refer to your chest as your "decolleté"

3) purchase multiple sets of the same bra & panty
to keep at multiple lover's pied-à-terre

@SuzanEraslan So you're telling me that all I have to do to get a paid copy job is pretend I am a 13 year old? Cool

@OmnaBrain I think you have to be fluent in le body language, as well. Make sure it's on your resume.

Maybe slightly lewd (terrible marketing copy cont.) Show more

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