Hey, new Mastodoners! Something that's important to note if you feel like there's not much to see on your local or federated TL (or, as Warren Ellis recently called it, "a ghost town")-- many toots are set to "followers only," meaning that unless you follow someone, you're not going to see those toots.

If you see people having conversations with phantom tooters, their whole account may not be protected-- just click and follow and voilà, more toots!

@SuzanEraslan It's really kind of odd trying to figure it out, though.

I do this on my Octodon instance, but not me instance. One of the nice things about Mastodon, though, is that you can change the visibility of a toot when composing it. You're not locked in to acertain visibility for all toos like you are on birdsite.

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