No eye contact pic of me teaching landlords’ agents how their clients have to treat subsidized tenants💅🏽 Show more

Operation Take a Damn Day All the Way Off (selfie, eye contact) Show more

I did a handstand for almost a minute yesterday! (selfie, no ec, upside down) Show more

Selfie (no eye contact, but there is a sports bra) Show more

Slightly lewd Show more

Selfie, eye contact Show more

Actual Sagittarius porn Show more

Selfies, no eye contact, but there is food Show more

Selfie*, eye contact (sorta), body horror Show more

Selfie, no eye contact, municipal building bathroom Show more

Christmas, NYC, and dinosaurs Show more

@moth So... I just saw this on Instagram and gasped, because it’s Katherine Hepburn as a space moth, and look at the caption!

selfie, no eye contact Show more

sad selfie, eye contact, injury Show more

My glamorous, luxurious looking kitty is sitting next to me snoring, and it’s so funny and sweet.

Selfie, kind of eye contact Show more

tum-tation: n., when you know you will get scratched to oblivion but you still want more than anything to scrumble a sleeping cat’s exposed tummy.

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