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buying a lamp in 1995: i will get in the car and drive to the lamp store

buying a lamp in 2018: if i get 30 people to go in on this alibaba order, i can get the lamp i want from the factory; it’s like a 75% off sale

buying a lamp in 2046: a moody singaporean turns off every lamp while falling in and out of love

@TheGibson I wish that instead of having days off when the weekends happen, we just worked until we had to recharge and then were free to be leisurely until we were fully charged, again.

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@Louisa Fellow Xennial here to save you with similar memories of watching Tinytoons in my teens, reporting for duty!
@larrydavis @healyn @matt

Never let the world dim your #queer light, young people. Don’t let them build walls around you. Be true to yourself now and always.

And I'm falling asleep
and she's calling a cab
and he's having a smoke
and he's also a crab

@Food And I'm usually very strict about not responding to stuff immediately so clients don't get the idea that I'm "on call" for them, but then she just starts blowing my phone up. And at this point, I feel pot committed, as it were, because I've invested so much time in their jerk faces.

@Food The problem with these particular ones are I got super bait and switched-- I was dealing with one of them, who was kind and reasonable and thoughtful, and now I am dealing with the entitled brat roommate who, no matter how many times I say things like, "I have a brutal head cold," thinks that's an invitation to call me constantly between 11:00 AM and 10:00 PM on a Saturday, and now we're on to Sunday and she's been doing it all day AGAIN.

Y’all. I implore you. Do not treat anyone who could refer to you as a client as a 24/7 open shop.

They’re human beings, with their own lives, and issues, and apartments they have to clean and flu shots they have to get and groceries they have to buy. Unless you pay them a constant, living wage for every second you bug them, DON’T email and call them from morning until midnight ever, and particularly on weekends, and NEVER when they say, β€œI’m unwell.”

@bob @djsumdog This article I’m reading that @gcupc posted about the 9.9% is absolutely fascinating, and demonstrates that the .1% are just... well, 1% of the actual problem:

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