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the trick to making circuits is that you have to keep the smoke inside the wires. if you do it wrong, the smoke comes out, and that's when the electricity goes bad


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People still out here twitter screenshot dunking? Lmao log the fuxk off

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can wait till mastodon callouts exist

mastodon is so chill and not covered in icky ppl, y'all are just gonna have to start adding ur own untaken .social cis man usernames for ur bits.

Keep capitalist hero worship off your TL: pre-emptively block all celebrity accounts.

#GetOnOurLawn Demonstrate to new people the culture of caring that we have. Seeing folks being cared for and caring for each other, seeing people express vulnerability and being shown understanding and compassion, seeing people ask for help and receive it… these things had a significant impact on me when I joined and really set the tone for my interacting with others here.

Hey, new Mastodoners! Something that's important to note if you feel like there's not much to see on your local or federated TL (or, as Warren Ellis recently called it, "a ghost town")-- many toots are set to "followers only," meaning that unless you follow someone, you're not going to see those toots.

If you see people having conversations with phantom tooters, their whole account may not be protected-- just click and follow and voilà, more toots!

What are these image descriptions people keep talking about you wonder?

Worry now longer, because I got a screenshot example showing you WHERE you add it in the UI, _AFTER_ you upload the image you want to send!

Just hover over, and this layout pops out!

Voila !

#GetOnOurLawn #MastoFAQ #MastoTips

Hey, hey. I go by Tomie these days. Been lurking on here for a bit but figured I would get more active. In autistic Black aroace, agender using they/them. Exploring what I can do with data for a living, interests include music,horror, history and writing

Some dude: "what do you think of forced diversity?"

Me: "well, based on the terminology you chose to ask me that question, I don't think this is a conversation you actually want to have with me."

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i have scrolled past so many posts without cws but i always have to click "show more"

@pixl Image description:

Two tweets by Merriam-Webster.

First tweet:
Quoting a tweet "@MerriamWebster better get ready to add the 12,000 other sexualities to the list too then" and replying "We were born ready.

Second tweet (verbatim):
People keep
1) saying they don't know what 'genderqueer' means


2) asking why we added it to the dictionary

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