I'm still thinking about how shitty interviews are and how everyone uses the exact same broken format

dude asked how I'd build Twitter and I quite literally explained how activity pub works and said that's how but couldn't tell if he thought I was completely bullshitting him or not

I hate interviewing because so does everyone involved so why does it continue like it does we may never know

you ever capture an inspiration and then look at it like damn it really be like that sometimes

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If you're moving from art to anarchist blogging, let go of all you know about giving credit.

Quoting someone's radical ideas to a new audience without consent can expose them to dangerous attention.

Reposts are harder to censor and remove than reblog chains.

Being a decent writer shouldn't mean we get popular and acquire social power. Valuing popularity encourages empty 'hot take' culture.

Fuck credit. Steal all my stuff. Our ideas should move freely and belong to all of us.

wait, did they replace the gun emoji with a water gun? I feel like this woulda been big news

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Lowercase i: Common mispelling or hot political take? You decide. :P

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attention is what fuels that beast but hot damn the pride exuding from that massive fast food order is a mood it fkn kills me. How do we tell our kids this shit

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my dream is learn to make music with all sound turned off, using instrument flight rules, looking only at the meters in my audio software, so that i can listen to someone elses music while i make my music

I'm in this remote job network thing on Slack and they love fetishizing working it's honestly disturbing. completey unironic posts. Cannot relate

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it's easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism

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Talks of "civility" is now a dog whistle. Sorry I don't make the rules

sometimes I think I look to normie-passing I'm undercover out here

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fuck solar panels. you could grow food on the roof, food for the chickens, and then theyd lay eggs and the eggs would roll down a ramp & spin wheels connected to the generator. fuck solar punk!!!! this is Egg Punk

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