What if there was a general strike, but instead of picketing, we still went into work. We just worked really, really slowly, called lots of meetings, said "let's table this for now" to absolutely everything, and wrote out long emails about dishwashing etiquette?

Strikes fail because you know who is striking. You can divide them, intimidate them, replace them. But sabotage? You can't fight what you can't see.

@YOLO_STALIN "I'd really like to get this project done for you Bill, but I have meetings from 9 -12 and then 1-5 every day this week. Then I've got to catch up on my dishwashing, handwashing and bathing etiquette know how it goes with the ol' grind."

@YOLO_STALIN Interestingly, the word 'sabotage' in English derives from French syndicalist Pouget's endorsement of workplace go-slows in the 1890s.

Ca'canny, yeah?


@YOLO_STALIN it would look a lot like some student political meetings i used to attend.

@YOLO_STALIN there's cia agent handbook that suggests managers should do this when they are implanted to sabotage a company

@Rebelle That's what gave me the idea! Make the CIA really regret something for a change.

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