Please debunk me on these:

Aren't they already not allowed to make a profit? At least the EU bought on that requirement I think
The producers that can guarantee high enough safety standards are already working on capacity. If the vaccine had no patent on it, wouldn't this get us a vaccine that was produced in an unsafe way? That seems like a bad idea and would make even more people skeptical about the vaccine if suddenly more people died because of that. That's even more worrying if some poorer countries would get a vaccine that has lower quality standards because of that.


> Aren't they already not allowed to make a profit?
I'm not aware of anything stopping them from making profit, but I might be wrong

> The producers that can guarantee high enough safety standards are already working on capacity.
Considering companies like Sanofi (french biggest pharmaceutical company) are still doing research on their own vaccines, I'm pretty sure they are able, or would be in no time, to produce vaccines with high enough safety given the right to.


I was partly wrong: Only AstraZeneca and J&J have pledged to sell not-for-profit until the pandemic comes to an end.
Research capacity != production capacity

I would be very surprised if even one facility that has the capacity, production and quality standards to produce a COVID vaccine would not do that right now. Machines that are not running on full capacity, that could be producing vaccines instead, are just wasting money even if profit margins are low. Some facilities still produce vaccines for other stuff like the flu of course.

These are still just speculations though, I have no deeper knowledge of vaccine production. I think the situation is often more complicated than simply "Those greedy companies are doing evil things for profit". I read that there are just not enough suitable facilities outside of the "western world", but maybe I'm falling for their propaganda.

Trust in the quality standards of vaccines we get is important though, especially with all those anti-vaxxers. If there's some wide-spread issue because of production quality, you gonna hear that "We told you so, the vaccine research WAS rushed and is unsafe" talking point a lot and we will get nowhere near herd-immunity, it's hard enough already with disinformation.

Worldwide vaccine distribution is VERY unfair right now, there's no doubt about that though.

Research capacity != production capacity I agree, but considering how much it cost to do research, and what Sanofi can do, I doubt they are not producing covid vaccines today by lack of machinery.

And I also agree it's very important that peoples trust the vaccines, but I think other greedy companies could produce, and currently don't (at least those that are doing research on covid, and produce other vaccines in their factories).

I haven't heard of any facilities like Sanofi that want to have patents waived because they can't produce anything. I have read a lot about having patents waived doing nothing for production, because getting the machinery to produce mRNA vaccines takes 12 - 18 months. I don't fully trust that last information though. It would only give a disadvantage to those companies that put a lot of money in mRNA research, which would stop esearch in that area, as there would be less profit made.

It's the same as with many companies: They need to make money. The problem is the (capitalistic/growth oriented) system that makes them put profit over what's best for human kind. If they would put less focus on profit, they would probably go out of business under the current system.

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