If you want to help by running a Snowflake, make sure you are not in an area where Tor is blocked, and install the Snowflake network extension for Firefox or Chrome. It will let users in censored areas connect to Tor through your browser. More info on snowflake.torproject.org/

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There are things happening in Iran right now, and this is causing a lot of network censorship. If you are in Iran, or know people in Iran, you might be interested in reading this post forum.torproject.net/t/iran-ci

tl;dr: Enable bridges and use Snowflake

@Sylvhem speaking for all programmers there : if you want us to leave you that role in family meeting & assimilated, we will be sure to oblige.

@polymerwitch @wmd MCH2022 was actually streamed over an onion service, and it worked just fine!

@noelle a bit less of a pain in the ass (you get an historic and cookies, but still a separate window), you can configure a second firefox profile, and have two instances of firefox in parallel, one with vpn, the other without

Question DNS 

@stupeflo ça s'appel des class, IN c'est pour internet, il y a d'autres classes possible (CH pour ChaosNet, je te laisse lire wikipedia, je sais juste que ça existe). La liste des classes est ici iana.org/assignments/dns-param , mais dans la pratique il y a a peu près que IN qui est utilisé

@Dee yeah, because blue is a shorter wavelength. Painting them in ultra-violet make them go even faster

If some people want to contribute to @torproject but don't know where to start, this week is hackweek ! This means peoples will work on smaller projects, some of which are technical, but some of which aren't, like a project about making comics that draw analogies on Tor.

You can have a look here for more information hackweek.onionize.space/hackwe

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Donc la actuellement sur Twitter il y a Edward Snowden qui appel les jeunes au vote (et qui retweet des truc pro nupes)



@raichoo I hate it when I say love crypto and someone assumes it means coins and nfts. There isn't even interesting cryptography in most of them

@Sapphaos dans le même genre je me souviens avoir vu des recommandations de flouter les chaussures, tout le monde a pas 50 paires et dans les actions type black-bloc c'est le vêtement le plus différenciant

@lienrag faut les comprendre, utiliser le navigateur du dieu de la foudre pour consulter le site d'un fournisseur électrique c'est un peu se moquer de tout leur secteur d'activité /s

@lienrag @sebsauvage Tor Browser n'est pas concerné. Les releases sont signées en GPG, pas possible de modifier discrètement un morceau sans alarmer beaucoup de monde.

cryptomonnaie, zemmour 

Quand on vous dit que les cryptomonnaies et les NFT c'est de la merde. Même Zemmour aime ça twitter.com/ZemmourEric/status

@sys64738 I had about the same reaction when I found a paper referring to elliptic curve over binary and prime fields as "binary elliptic curve" and "non-binary elliptic curve", with non-binary elliptic curve generally being regarded as better

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