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remember to use EUPL instead of (A)GPL, it's mostly the same (I'm not a law person), and it's not made by FSF. Better even : use (C)NPL to prevent big corpos from using your work entirely

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git is the first blockchain, and it does not require PoW to function

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> sadly you can't change the world only with peaceful talks

that said, you can't change the world only with violent actions either, you need a plurality of means of actions, and that also mean respecting other peoples mode of action

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In the end, the question should be : do we really care about hacktivism getting classified as ethical hacking? Because I don't think we should. Many peoples don't consider a riot to be ethic, because some will fight against policemen, break windows... but sadly you can't change the world only with peaceful talks

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Sure sometime it's best for everyone to do that, but not always. When I had access to tweets from any private accounts on twitter, I saw a tool that could mainly be used to dox peoples, so it seemed best make that get fixed quick, but when we talk about mass surveillance, it's best to bring that in the spotlight, and you simply cannot with responsible disclosure, at least not as much as you can with a "major hack" headline.

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I've seen some peoples talk a lot about how hacktivism is ethical hacking recently, and I have to say, by my definitions, it is not.
I haven't ever considered ethical hacking to be ethical, it's just a set of rules agreed upon, "responsible" disclosure, no personal benefit/agenda... things like that.
And hacktivism just does not fit with that : no personal benefit? I mean hacktivism have an agenda by definition, it's the whole point. Responsible disclosure?

Quand tu assumes totalement que garantir des droits aux gens c'est contre ton idéologie

some languages rely heavily on exceptions, Java or C++ are some. But the language that rule them all, is without a doubt French

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Si vous êtes ingé son, l'Elysée recrute sûrement

There is currently a petition for Universal Base Income in Europe, on the website of the European Commission. It would be nice if you could sign it (assuming you're European), and share it.

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AIDS : 1 million death per year, for decades
Covid-19 : 2 million death per year, one year only

But I guess aids does not kill nearly as much rich old white men to be considered an important enough pandemic

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si des gens veulent faire des trucs similaires, c'est pas très compliqué, il faut une pince quelconque, des joli circuits (j'ai pris ça sur aliexpress ), et des crochets qu'on trouve assez facilement partout, ça m'a fait la paire a ~6-7€

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