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If you appreciate my writing, toots, and organizing, please consider becoming a donor on .

You can join for as little as $1, but $10 gets you cool snail mail sometimes.

Join here:

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This ties in with the concept of ShrΓΆedinger's Douchebag, put forward by @SallyStrange thusly:

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Hello new #Mastodon folks! 🐘

Have you heard of the #Fediverse? πŸ—ΊοΈ

It's a set of community projects that use the #ActivityPub standard to talk to each other.

Mastodon is the most well developed, but there are many works in progress too:

Instagram -> PixelFed πŸ“·

YouTube -> PeerTube 🎞️

SoundCloud -> Funkwhale 🎧

MeetUp -> GetTogether 🍻

...and many others.

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β€ƒπŸŒΊβ€ƒπŸŒ³β€ƒπŸ•Š πŸŒ²πŸ•Š
πŸŒ²β€ƒβ€ƒπŸŒ» β€ƒπŸ•·πŸŒ³β€ƒπŸŒ²

science fact 2: if u bury a small cow in the ground it grows into a full cow!

science fact: if u bury a doritos can in the ground it grows into a whole bag of chips!

I have four "cool space/physics" facts I love like a kid clutching his favorite toys.

(1) Is the double slit experiment because duh

(2) Is Baade's window and the fact that there's a great curtain of dust preventing us from seeing 99.999% of the Milky Way's stars that we COULD otherwise be seeing.

(3) is the fact that the "midpoint" between a planck length and the size of the universe is the order of magnitude typical of living cells.

(4) is that thing I just shared.

Those are my things

Up for an astonishing space fact that you probably haven't heard?

Here's physicist Paul Davies, from his book Other Worlds (1980).

There's a Medicare For All study that, predictably, says it saves a ton of money. And there's a reddit thread about it.

Then there are people who SOUND like they are disagreeing with the substance study but are really making a small academic point bout difference between single payer vs multi-payer systems, but aren't objecting to the cost savings which are like 99.99% of the substance of the study.

And people are replying to THAT saying "yeah, see, this is why we can't trust the study."

@aminb Please add me to Books, Ethics, Liberalism, Philosophy, Politics, US Politics.

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Writing a Christmas card for relatives:

Christmas is a time for rejoicing the birth of a poor, brown skinned refugee who preached against the wealth and religious hypocrisy until he was killed by a military superpower.

Ali G, interviewing CERN physicist: what's the farthest you can throw a microscope?

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