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Myth about straight people 

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That said, if you like what I do, I'd love it if you'd consider supporting me monthly via patreon:

thank you in advance

What would make more sense (or "sense", in terms of supporting the logic/mission of Android quest for domination) imo is if the play store was a platform for subscription bundles, like the Artifex Mundi $5 a month thing and others, so companies could do their own bundles on the store.

>Google’s new subscription service looks like an interesting alternative for people who want to side-step the vicious cycle of apps with freemium or free-to-play business models, which are often loaded up with in-app purchases.

This makes me think that "after" monthly subscriptions, as NetflixAmazonAppleGoogle decide how to continue monetizing people, subscriptions will again get complicated and stupid and we'll miss the good old days when subscriptions were simple.

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some more small thoughts about this bc it bears repeating as many times as is needed!!!

accomplishing small things is important, just as important as the big, fancy things. Small steps are better than no steps at all!!


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Many English translations of Japanese render this emotion as 'nostalgia', but, it's really not... it's a kind of *nostalgia for the future* if that's somehow a thing...

Perhaps a nostalgia for the idea of childhood and the sense of open-ended wonder, but it's not just 'looking backward', it's about the expectation of new frontiers.

Studio Ghibli is built entirely on this emotion, much more than Disney is.

Wow, love these options for a choice of provider with the Moto Z4!

Verizon or.... Verizon!

Seven completely different facebook groups I am in all changed their privacy status from closed to secret within a four hour span of each other.

Trolls on Hacker News for past two years: You can't moderate us! Reddit/Facebook/Twitter are de-facto public platforms that are irreplaceable and removing someone violates their free speech. This deprives them of the chance to interact with the public and is a real, tangible harm!

Trolls on Hacker News today: Moderating us doesn't work! It just shifts people to other platforms and causes no net change to anything.

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Oh, wow, great job Disney disputing the claims of pay disparity:

"Disney has made historic investments to expand the earning potential and upward mobility of our workers"

Earnings "potential", upward mobility are both hypothetical things. That can be offered instead of money.

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Wow! You know how certs mints always advertise themselves as containing "retsyn"? I don't know if they still do, but it was definitely still a thing in my lifetime. Turns out that's just a bullshit word they made up for a combination of like flavorings and food colorings. They were allowed to just invent this vaguely medicinal-sounding ingredient whole cloth to impart their candy a patina of scientific legitimacy. Some real snake oil shit.

You could have an amoral, experienceless thinking machine that embodies much of what human cognition is about, but isn't entangled with an internal sense of its own experienced values

UGHHH SMBC-comics is so frustrating. It's kiiinda in the right wheelhouse, at least asking interesting questions, but has absolutely dumbshit answers.

What makes humans morally worthy that might separate us from machines isn't that we're "emergent", it's the qualitative aspect of our experiences: our love, our happiness, our contentment, our self-actualization or whatever's at the top of Maslow's hierarchy.

That's what! Not ineffable. Articulated in brain structure.

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when does the gritty reboot of Gumby that humanity deserves to suffer finally arrive to exterminate this blighted species

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for some reason there’s a wiki of fictitious Windows releases and it’s an absolute fever dream

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everyone's showing off their political theories at Mastocon 2020 and mine is just a single sheet of paper that says "capitalism bad" and a bunch of drawings of lesbians

"The founder of MoviePass is back, and this time he’s not messing around." -- wait, hold on. MoviePass is still there, right? It's still... something. I think.

But the founder is "back" ? Just back? Like lobster rolls for summer? Like a black fly in your.. well not that one, but like... MoviePass still exists right?

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