This!!!!! Forget Prophets of Rage (sorry), but this may be as close as we ever get to RATM getting back together in the Trump:

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Another concern I just thought of with AI-generated faces, is that it will be that much harder to spot trolls with fake profiles now. They currently (used to?) rely on real photographs stolen from other people's profiles, so you could find the original person, and thus identify a fake.

Now... will that be possible?

Playing around with, a site that auto-generates faces from scratch (well, from training on images).

And getting a biiiit of uncanny valley stuff, but also some straight up horrifying monsterpieces like this:

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the LGBT standard was refreshed to LGBTQ and most recently LGBTQIA, but you may see the following proprietary extensions in older equipment:

LGBT 2000
LGBT for Workgroups
ASUSยฎ LGBTQ Boostโ„ข
ฮผLGBTQ (embedded only)
LGBTQ Creative Cloud

wtf happened to Jerry Coyne?

Used to be all in good fun taking on creationist nonsense, but then, creepily like Thunderf00t and Sam Harris, eventually came out as a "free speech" guy, an Israel apologist, and a both-sideser.

"conservatives do have ideas worth debating"

Do they??

"including the value of affirmative action"


"what to do about immigration"


"economic policy"

No academically respected ideas on offer.

"and taxation"



"Pizza Hut lasts for a long time"

It reminds me of when Eric Andre said "you know they say if it's grey it's healthy for you!"

ooops no no no nonono nono!

False alarm! Calcium bentonite. NOT calcium benzoate.

(where did I even learn there was such a thing as calcium benzoate so that my brain could reach for it, even accidentally?)

Me right now pretending like I know how calcium benzoate works

Wiki says it's used as a food preservative? And in soft drinks, fruit juice, and stuff?

And on human faces I guess!

Related: HackerNews questions of the kind produced by fried internet brains: "What's the best programming language?"

"What are some good programs?"

On topic but vague, and any conversation about whether it's a good or bad question (have you TRIED having that convo?) never gets around to addressing the problem that short attention span formats produce simple questions.

This is how you know you can't build your brain entirely out of internet sauce. Your brain dissolves to slush and you are only able to produce questions like this:

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Today in train-wreck level bad science writing: An article about consciousness that's equivocating between two fundamentally different things:

(1) A honeybee's unconscious, automatic pattern recognition, that can be blindly trained on stimulus/reward associations

(2) Human and dolphin using abstract concepts engaging in introspective, abstract reasoning

And of course we now have hundreds, probably thousands of redditors going "wow, honeybees can count, just like us!"

This "soak the rich" thing looks like it only had the purpose of comedic exaggeration to undermine the seriousness of its proponents.

You can do anything you want with art, I guess, but the idea is that it speaks to something, resonates in some way... and this definitely wouldn't resonate with supporters, but maybe it would with the Tucker Carlsons of the world.

Google must have some really compelling research on "learn more/find out why" messages functioning as complaint-neutralizers.

Because then if there's Bad Thing Happening that you don't like, you have to read more, and if you don't, well now it's your fault.

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linked below is the reddit/MRA fantasy of "and she came craawwling back!"

I've seen posts like this before and it feels... suspicious, and awfully similar to blatant fakes.

It's in a weird in between space where it's not necessarily bad, but definitely plays into a shitty fantasy and validates toxic dudebro shit that, in other contexts is a lot more awful.

Again... probably fine? Maybe? But I'm suspicious both of what it is, and what it is used for by other people.

I'd actually rather not have fun with Google Assistant ๐Ÿ“ด๐Ÿšฎ

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