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I just woke up from a dream where I was playing a tabletop rpg called hunters hackers bakers and it was so stupid I love it.

Hackers handle all science shit during a heist

Bakers handle opening doors and vaults and healing

And hunters beat the shit out of people.

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Anit-Trans Gab Spinout Asking Followers to Create Mastodon Accounts 

Also there should be something that addresses the incompetence of fact checkers like Glen Kessler just for the frivolous nature of certain fact checks.

Like claiming Bernie Sanders' claim about $27 was wrong because his average donation gradually shifted the average up to like $28.35 or something

There should be a whole new layer of Snopes-like debunking, that focuses on newer stuff, like derailing, whatabouting, the unexplained level of examination and point-by-point responsiveness demanded when people don't want to accept something as true, etc. The extent to which claims are made without building up a clear underlying context.

There's a whole new taxonomy of trolling/disinfo, it's not just about logical falacies or fact checking one-off claims anymore.

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Your queerness doesn't go away if you're closeted.

It doesn't diminish if you're acting cishet to be safe

Nothing can take away your level of queer


calling out racist propaganda strategies 2019 edition 

All the hackernews responses to Sean Carroll's new article are bad and stupid, which makes me think I'm really going to like the article.

Hn is at least good for that!

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the two hardest problems in computer science are off by one errors, naming variables and rampant misogyny

This is the sense of is-ought that Hume decries. that something is a certain way doesn't mean it ought to be that way.

This is something that has now become distorted into "Hume's Guillotine", the notion that there is a transcendent philosophical principle separating facts from values.

I know this is old news, and at some point I'm going to have to stop putting these apologetic caveats in the front of everything I say, but it's just a reminder I guess of what holds disempowered people together.

Ideally you'd have some structure or institution or some instruments that centers identity and power and sense of community, but even a history, something to bring attention to and derive intention from, can serve that function, and those without it can be scattered.

Dumb question, bear with me but the intro to The Second Sex that I'm reading said huge parts were cut from the section on History for circumstantial and idiosyncratic reasons, and that someday and unabridged translation would or should be out there.

Did that ever happen?

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Myth about straight people 

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That said, if you like what I do, I'd love it if you'd consider supporting me monthly via patreon:

thank you in advance

What would make more sense (or "sense", in terms of supporting the logic/mission of Android quest for domination) imo is if the play store was a platform for subscription bundles, like the Artifex Mundi $5 a month thing and others, so companies could do their own bundles on the store.

>Google’s new subscription service looks like an interesting alternative for people who want to side-step the vicious cycle of apps with freemium or free-to-play business models, which are often loaded up with in-app purchases.

This makes me think that "after" monthly subscriptions, as NetflixAmazonAppleGoogle decide how to continue monetizing people, subscriptions will again get complicated and stupid and we'll miss the good old days when subscriptions were simple.

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some more small thoughts about this bc it bears repeating as many times as is needed!!!

accomplishing small things is important, just as important as the big, fancy things. Small steps are better than no steps at all!!


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Many English translations of Japanese render this emotion as 'nostalgia', but, it's really not... it's a kind of *nostalgia for the future* if that's somehow a thing...

Perhaps a nostalgia for the idea of childhood and the sense of open-ended wonder, but it's not just 'looking backward', it's about the expectation of new frontiers.

Studio Ghibli is built entirely on this emotion, much more than Disney is.

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