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Funny how right wing trolls use "free speech" exact the same way that flat earthers use "do your own research."

(3) I think despairing over Being Right On The Internet because it's such a bad faith, disingenuous swamp of high effort trolling, concedes that ground to worst actors. And... they GAIN from that. They gain a constituency. They win.

And the breakthrough on climate, and with the parkland kids, has been on fearlessly calling people out on their bullshit. People forget that that works, that that is needed.

It's also a problem I have with liberals and leftwing friends who are skeptical of the authority of truth and science because it's always invoked by shitheads.

(1) it IS always invoked by shitheads (2) they (the shitheads) are dumb and wrong for reasons that are tedious and take hours of quote-replying to sort through, where you get so deep in bullshit that the only constant is that people keep losing track of what their own arguments are because of their own short attention spans.

And (3)...

I think centrists need to understand that (1) respectful two way conversation isn't a success state in and of itself if it's not leading to a step two where they are building something and making progress on it. (2) Arguments being refuted because some of them are wrong and others are right *is* a success state.

The idea that there really is such a thing as truth, and that therefore some arguments are wrong and others right isn't "partisanship." It's a necessary premise for progress.

I remember a video that was "gee, a Democrat and a Republican have a respectful conversation! Why can't everyone do this?!"

It was a video of John McCain and Dick Durbin arguing over the effect of Bush tax cuts.

Nothing changed. Nobody changed their mind. They didn't really drill down deep or learn anything from each other. They didn't reach a compromise. They didn't decide that one of them was right and they didn't have a breakthrough that allowed a bill to pass.

But that was "success".

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Until a week ago, I was an ordinary person - well, SORT OF ordinary, considering that I couldn't stand to be in the same room as more than 2 people at a time, I only wanted very specific clothes, & I hadn't found a bed I could sleep on for more than 4 hours at a time.

Now a multinational think tank is working with four factories to design me the perfect bed, clothes, house - because the world will explode if I don't relax.


This is, sadly, not very relaxing of a thought.

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The above #MicroFiction was written to @abbenm's prompt


It's for my #GreatNanoWrimoPromptCall Boost-a-thonโ„ข๏ธ here -


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Thanks for all the great prompts, guys! More coming all day, and I'll extend the boost deadline if anyone else wants fic; this is FUN!

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Hello All!

From now 'till midnight 11/29, if you boost this post & reply with a prompt, I'll write you a tootfic!


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reminder that the whole "paperclip optimization" problem (the idea that an AI could/would destroy humanity if you told it to optimize for something because it would become the most optimal path) is actually... already there. they're called companies. it's all called capitalism. it's destroying the environment and exploiting humanity to optimize for money for shareholders.

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Bitcoin bros (-) 

Bitcoin bros (-) 

I have to zoom in on one argument that apparently has two pieces to it which, even if you grant that they are valid, have no logical connection whatsoever, but are treated as if they are reinforcing.

It goes from an issue of windmills being poorly sited to a 'realization' that renewables will never work.

But... what does a poorly sited wind project have to do with intermittency? Are intermittent sources of energy more likely to be sited in natural habitats? Is that the argument?

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