"It has been shown that in certain species the stimulation of an acid or even of a needle-prick is enough to initiate the cleavage of the egg and the development of the embryo. On this basis it has been boldly suggested that the male gamete (sperm) is not necessary for reproduction, that it acts at most as a ferment; further, that perhaps in time the co-operation of the male will become unnecessary in procreation--the answer, it would seem, to many a woman's prayer."

(Second Sex, pg 9)

Then that is followed up with this brilliant restraint, to not get intoxicated by grand general principles:

"But there is no warrant for so bold an expectation, for nothing warrants us in universalizing specific life processes. The phenomena of asexual propagation and of parthenogenesis appear to be neither more nor less fundamental than those of sexual reproduction...." (con'td)

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"...I have said that the latter has no claim *a priori* to be considered basic; but neither does any fact indicate that it is reducible to any more fundamental mechanism."

How to take details from nature and NOT get stupidly intoxicated with them and turn into a Peterson who extracts general psychological principles from fucking lobsters

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