When people agree for the wrong reasons 

I think the role that ambiguity plays in Reddit comment sections has been underexamined.

I think huge masses of people upvote vague comments because they strike a venn diagram of a different possible meanings, all of which are incompatible with each other, but which collectively, are salient to a large group of people.

I've attached this Reddit thread as an example. It's either super obvious or not obvious that Lakers fans would come out to boo Clippers


When people agree for the wrong reasons 

And adjacent to this is the fact that people are intensely aware of the phenomenon of mass shared agreement, and any individual would confidently explain what the thread was 'really' about if you asked.

But if you aggregated all those individual explanations together they would all be incompatible with each other, save for the quality of being expressed in a super confident way.

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