One of those recaptcha things asked me to identify parking meters. So I did. But it said I was wrong.

But then I clicked on the mailbox and it approved it as 'correct'.

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@abbenm The photo ID recaptcha things are used to train Google's AI.

@teslas_moustache oh yeah, it's definitely just being heartlessly harnessed to boost Waymo, and who knows what other products, services etc. that I don't want to be recruited into supporting.

@teslas_moustache that sounded kinda sarcastic but it wasn't meant to be. I just meant to say that it is indeed not a good thing

@abbenm filling out recaptchas is unpaid labor if you think about it.

@teslas_moustache yeah, and labor contracted toward a purpose that people don't necessarily agree with.

That's what I find absurd about the 'you should be able to sell your data' arguments. Those don't even the terms on the playing field. Instead it should be 'let's not have any kind of transaction like this on the table in the first place'

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