This sounds like when the guy from blink 182 said he was working on alien technology research

When you put on your elbow pads and cool BMX helmet and search for, not regular artichoke, but SPORTS artichoke.. there's actual results!

Good, I say.


One more. Something about this one just is uncanny valley, like it's 95% dog, but 5% human baby was gene spliced in.

And this one??? I need some answers

It looks like the human is the pet in this one

Something about this cat picture seems a little uncanny-valley-ish and I can't place it

This is the sense of is-ought that Hume decries. that something is a certain way doesn't mean it ought to be that way.

This is something that has now become distorted into "Hume's Guillotine", the notion that there is a transcendent philosophical principle separating facts from values.

I know this is old news, and at some point I'm going to have to stop putting these apologetic caveats in the front of everything I say, but it's just a reminder I guess of what holds disempowered people together.

Ideally you'd have some structure or institution or some instruments that centers identity and power and sense of community, but even a history, something to bring attention to and derive intention from, can serve that function, and those without it can be scattered.

Wow, love these options for a choice of provider with the Moto Z4!

Verizon or.... Verizon!

Oh, wow, great job Disney disputing the claims of pay disparity:

"Disney has made historic investments to expand the earning potential and upward mobility of our workers"

Earnings "potential", upward mobility are both hypothetical things. That can be offered instead of money.

UGHHH SMBC-comics is so frustrating. It's kiiinda in the right wheelhouse, at least asking interesting questions, but has absolutely dumbshit answers.

What makes humans morally worthy that might separate us from machines isn't that we're "emergent", it's the qualitative aspect of our experiences: our love, our happiness, our contentment, our self-actualization or whatever's at the top of Maslow's hierarchy.

That's what! Not ineffable. Articulated in brain structure.

"The founder of MoviePass is back, and this time he’s not messing around." -- wait, hold on. MoviePass is still there, right? It's still... something. I think.

But the founder is "back" ? Just back? Like lobster rolls for summer? Like a black fly in your.. well not that one, but like... MoviePass still exists right?

Tucker Carlson, free speech 

The insanely weird tone & culture (if it is a culture) of amazon review writers is an untapped gold mine.

They write like something out of a 1980s readers digest column (pictured), or else like they are coming off an orgasmic high directly stemming from buying the product (also pictured).

If you were looking for the "next" Yahoo answers (probably soon to be RIP), I think this is it.

Lewd but hilarious Time Warner Cable problem 

me being mad at wikipedia editors 

Jordan Peterson being insane 

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