Hmm, a strongly-typed functional web language that compiles to , written in .
It can natively handle DOM, as the wasm executable runs in a Node.js runtime, eschewing any need of writing JS at all.

@accedie Interesting. Too bad there isn't any large, in-page example to see it in action.

@otini Yeah, it's still WIP and has very little documentation right now.

@katyucha Elm compiles to JS whereas Grain compiles to wasm. Grain doesn't need any JS besides the Node.js runtime necessary to manipulate DOM. (wasm cannot handle DOM right now.)

Other than those, it's pretty similar in that it's functional, and statically and strongly typed.
Note that unlike Elm, Grain is still WIP and isn't production ready.

@katyucha @accedie Also, elm appears to be inspired by Haskell while Grain appears to be an ML derivate.

@accedie where can I find info about the nodejs runtime? This point seems quite weird (even impossible) to me, I'd like to know more.

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