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Adam Smith, in Wealth of Nations: "The pretence that corporations are necessary for the better government of the trade, is without any foundation."

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Anthony Trollope:
"No man believes in himself who knows himself to be a rascal, however great may be his talent, or however high his pluck." (Can you forgive Her)
"Power is so pleasant that men quickly learn to be greedy in the enjoyment of it, and to flatter themselves that patriotism requires them to be imperious." (The Prime Minister). Still relevant

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"Economists, as is their won't, will not fail to remind us of the comparative well-being of a certain category of young robust workmen, skilled in certain special branches of industry. It is always this minority that is pointed out to us with pride. But is this well-being, which is the exclusive right if a few, secure?"

Kropotkin, predicting the downfall of techbros a century before techbros were a thing

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Madrid rents shut out millenials Show more

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: on the registration of the "Commoners' Party" which aims to give civil society a say in Thai government, which has historically been dominated by the military and its supporters, or by billionaire oligarchs

Facebook, ignorant US Senators Show more

Thomas on hyper- in , and off-shoring of financial assets, which assets, in the main, are unaffected by the sanctions regimes targeting Russia

Germany, 3rd Reich whitewash Show more

's Tiffany Abreu, the first woman to play in the country's top women's volleyball league, extends her contract for another year. She is expected to play in the Olympics, following a 2016 IOC ruling permitting the participation of transgender athletes

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