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: on the registration of the "Commoners' Party" which aims to give civil society a say in Thai government, which has historically been dominated by the military and its supporters, or by billionaire oligarchs

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Thomas on hyper- in , and off-shoring of financial assets, which assets, in the main, are unaffected by the sanctions regimes targeting Russia

's Tiffany Abreu, the first woman to play in the country's top women's volleyball league, extends her contract for another year. She is expected to play in the Olympics, following a 2016 IOC ruling permitting the participation of transgender athletes

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's coup and leader, designated Prime Minister for reasons of civility, says the 20 year plan ensconced in the Junta written constitution is not part of a plot to remain in power. He does have such a plot, he just denies this is part of it

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