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Finally getting around to doing this since moving from

Hi everyone, I mostly post weird and joyful combinations of , art attempts, , , and anarchism.

A lot of my current projects are in the Internet freedom, community networks, and digital resistance space.

Super excited to πŸŽ‰ partyπŸŽ‰ ~~

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Enough is Enough: **#Colombia: Preliminary assessment of the November 21 national strike**

"On November 21, Colombia was rocked by a national strike and huge demonstrations and clashed between riot cops and protestors. On November 22 amd November 23 the strikes and protests continued. A first assessment by Grupo Via Li…"

#anarchism #bot

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Death to Machocracia 

food, ph 

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When it rains, the green lichen valleys of the tree trunks come alive with a forest of tiny mushrooms

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tired: iron is harmful to fae because of unspecified magic intrinsic properties
wired: iron is harmful to fae because of its chemical properties
inspired: iron is harmful to fae specifically because it is physically the stuff of the human Industrial Revolution, a social restructuring event with broadly devastating effects on human adherence to the core values of the fae. for this reason, iron is suffused with a palpable curse that arises from its position as a symbol of human callousness.

Adding Baedan to my ever-growing reading list

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happy indigenous people's day, motherfuckers 

death grips 

Finally managed to find a place to lock up my bike and set off a bike alarm on the one next to me. Not only did nobody GAF, it just makes me want to steal their bike more now.

what do these custom license plates mean??? 


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#BREAKING: the globular springtails have emerged! You can see these tiny yellow critters milling around on leaves in the garden. They engage in courtship dances, with the male (the smaller one) twirling the female around. #springwatch

virus mechs, distopia 

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You want these things to spark enough joy to start a fire

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subtooting work 

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Some easy-to-care-for plant suggestions for beginners:

β€’ Chlorophytum (spider plant)
β€’ Dracaena (any species)
β€’ Pothos vine (Epipremnum aureum)
β€’ Heartleaf philodendron
β€’ Rubber plant
β€’ Pilea (Chinese money plant)
β€’ Peperomia (any species)
β€’ Bromeliad (most varieties, but Guzmania is probably the easiest)
β€’ Peace lily
β€’ Snake plant

(Made boostable at @Kiki's request! β˜€οΈ)

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Today I took advantage of the warm weather and took a nice stroll along the lake. I found a new source of winter spiders: dead goldenrod tufts and Queen Anne's Lace!

This late in the season, most of the QAL umbels have been reduced to skeletons, umbrella spokes snapped off halfway. The umbels that are still thick clusters are held together with spider silk. And tiny spiders shelter there, still alive somehow.


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