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happy !

my new album Reveries is out now - 14 fantasies of hope, uncertainty and perseverance.

licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike!

stream or buy (name your price):

tired: computer science
wired: computer séance

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here's the ublock rule I developed to get rid of promoted tweets on the twitter PWA (because all the IDs and classes are randomized now)

update: it went great and people suggested that it should be brought to larger audiences. feeling drained but encouraged

about to go present a sound piece on medicalized gender to my class and rant about trans healthcare gatekeeping. here's hoping i don't freeze up

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Vanessa Carlton's hit "A Thousand Miles" is actually known as "1609.344 Kilometers" outside the US

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aliens: holy fucking shit
humans: I know, first contact right?
aliens: no you dipshits we're talking about whales
humans: ooh yeah, whales are pretty cool
aliens: literally the most amazing thing in the entire galaxy
humans: did you know you can boil them down into lamp oil?

Hello I am New To Mastodon
I like the Well Ordering Theorem, Hate the Axiom of choice, and I am a Shark Girl In a maid Outfit

partying? fireworks? yawn. the new cool NYE thing is building cat furniture

germany: the semitone below C is called H now. not B
world: ugh okay fine
germany: the one below that is called B
world: what the fuck. stop

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