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happy !

my new album Reveries is out now - 14 fantasies of hope, uncertainty and perseverance.

licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike!

stream or buy (name your price):

i hacked together a GUI for joycontrol, the Python library for Switch controller emulation. control your Switch with a PC keyboard and quickly load NFC tags using a convenient file browser!

pulu - cocoon is OUT NOW!

algorithmic ambiences featuring

✅ out-of-tune piano
✅ granular birdsong
✅ neural networks
✅ bucket splashing
✅ symthesizer

get it on bandcamp!

loading my backed up villagers with a raspberry pi pretending to be a pro controller 😌

turns out adding visuals to your music performance makes for some cool photos

(Ääniaalto IV @ Vapaan taiteen tila, 2019-03-09)

coworkers got me a PO-20 as a farewell gift :) it seems to fit well into my portable chiptune setup

coworkers got me a PO-20 as a farewell gift :) it seems to fit well into my portable chiptune setup

tired: computer science
wired: computer séance

colorblind accessibility 

A lot of color pickers present available colors as circles of that color. When you do this, bigger circles are better. The bigger the circle the easier it is for me to tell the colors apart. Including the color name does help a bit but I honestly prefer just being able to see what the color is. I've attached images of color pickers from two calendar apps. On the one with small circles and color names, most of the colors look the same to me, and the names don't mean much.

here's the ublock rule I developed to get rid of promoted tweets on the twitter PWA (because all the IDs and classes are randomized now)

update: it went great and people suggested that it should be brought to larger audiences. feeling drained but encouraged

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about to go present a sound piece on medicalized gender to my class and rant about trans healthcare gatekeeping. here's hoping i don't freeze up

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