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Hello I am New To Mastodon
I like the Well Ordering Theorem, Hate the Axiom of choice, and I am a Shark Girl In a maid Outfit

partying? fireworks? yawn. the new cool NYE thing is building cat furniture

germany: the semitone below C is called H now. not B
world: ugh okay fine
germany: the one below that is called B
world: what the fuck. stop

A doodle. Festive tree.
I actually dislike this period of the year. Eh ^^'

From my leaving-Facebook note 

Can we take a minute to appreciate comrade Mariela Castro Espin? She's the director of Cuba's Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), a deputy to the National Assembly, a Communist, and an unwavering champion of LGBT liberation as part of Cuba's revolutionary project

Thanks in large part to her work, Cuba
โ€ข runs PSA campaigns in print and broadcast media against LGBT discrimination
โ€ข officially participates in the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
โ€ข explicitly includes free trans healthcare in the socialized medical system, and
โ€ข is about to adopta a new constitution removing heteronormative language from Cuba's definition of marriage!!!

free speech take 

ive been listening to this video of yoshi's voice pitched down on loop for hours

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