what a surprise... really so unexpected...
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EU Parliament Told Predictive Policing Software Relies On Dirty Data Generated By Corrupt Cops

" This is drawn from AI Now's report, which pointed out some of the most corrupt police forces in the nation were feeding data from biased policing into systems that were now destined to generate nothing but more of the same corruption. "


Hi! :) We are currently looking for an opensource clone of a delivery software with mobile app, api, and backend.. we want to create a local food from producer to consumer delivery system.. do you any of this? :) thanks @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes

Just installed snikket... it's awesome.. it works flawlessly and perfectly for self-hosting :)



A beautiful and passionate view on the new horizon rising from the pandemic... Don't loose it, panic will rush out of your system, and you will embrace this moment :)

"the coronavirus may come to serve as the catalyst for a new kind of society built upon the forms of digitized subjectivity that are forged within the unique historical circumstances of the pandemic."

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My acct go banned on sunbeam and then they are closing down... this thing of censoring each others instances and speeches is getting wicked and extreme... like somekind of fediverse cops.. and people which start to have too much power and can disseminate lies about u and ur instance. i dont think that i want to block collectively anymore... should it be the choice of the individual?

Today we blacksmithed a collective tool with a nomad black smith that is passing by! :black_bloc_blob:

Greek/Europe police fired teargas on refugees children 

It's unbelievable.. please, let's tear down this fascist idiotics "taking care" of the governments in Europe. Fuck this shit.


.. hei folks ! \o/ I'm not new in here.. just created an account in other instance, to express in english.. and to meet another corner of the fediverse! ;) and because i believe that flag is too ... i came up with .. also sometimes i am very extreme on the motto... but oh well.. lets have some fun!

love & anarchy for u all. :ancomheart: :antifa:

Experimenting with bamboo... firt I tried screws... but the bamboo is very dry and cracked.. then i went to utube, as a true DIYER, youtube.com/watch?v=gkmH9VqFm8 also didn't work.. the bamboos which im trying for starting are not thick enough.. then I wanted to try ropes... I would post some pics but its night already.. tomorrow.


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