My acct go banned on sunbeam and then they are closing down... this thing of censoring each others instances and speeches is getting wicked and extreme... like somekind of fediverse cops.. and people which start to have too much power and can disseminate lies about u and ur instance. i dont think that i want to block collectively anymore... should it be the choice of the individual?

@ajeremias instance block is still fine. We just need more fine-grained tools for dealing with disagreements and wrongdoing. We need accountability so marginalised voices aren't driven off by bullying and loud voices.

@ajeremias I feel like this is the problem when there is no way of coming to an agreement, or discuss things in a meaningful way. They are police when there is no people's justice.

Also, a lot of time, it's based on hearsay, with rumors, but a lot of times, they is no rigor, leading to confusing and frustrating situations.

Until this can be solved, we should be very careful and ask as many questions as possible before blocking, being careful to not shutdown the voices of marginalized people..

@ajeremias also, blocking an instance in the blink of the eye because one account tooted something negative, how daft is it ?
First, it takes time to moderate ; mods are people too, they might be asleep.
Second, that person might agree that she said something that's not ok and could understand / say sorry, not doing it again.
Third, dog-pilling on an instance can lead to a worse outcome than just blocking a person, because it hurts a lot of other people who have nothing to do with all of this.

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