Medieval art showing a penis 

I am not sure what what up in 1555 in Germany but - DAMN. YOU GO, GIRL!

Announcing airbreak, a toolkit to jailbreak inexpensive CPAP machines to turn them into emergency #COVID19 ventilators by unlocking all operational modes and allowing custom software extensions.

On a total unrelated note: I am currently looking for good guides for whistleblowing. I am currently working on creating a small knowledge base article for my union and, as I am certainly not knowing every aspect, would be greatful for links / ideas / book recommendations.

I'd also be greatful if you could share this post with your peers. :) Thanks!

Fittingly to the music I also wear one of my favorite shirts; Assembly Summer 2016 was a blast.

YouTube, flashy images, music 

I don't know why but I still find this track extremely wholesome.

I just finished this thing and I am happy and want to share it with you. ;3

Now stitching an bullet bill patch. This is going to take ages -- but I already love it. :)

The original Artist just joined -- you can find them @mentalmalware

I adopted their design as vector image - if you need an svg version let me know. :)

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