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i dont understand why so many people consider Play-Doh a great philosopher. Tastes like shit

i think im in the wrong instance cause im flooding my otherwise generally politically focused local timeline with trash and garbage
anyone have any for who spend most of their time contributing nothing of substance?
my other interests include being and , , &

sad them hours, explosion mention kinda 

sorry i cant talk im busy. its 8pm, time to listen to mt st helens is about to blow up by bill wurtz twelve times in a row and stare at the ceiling

swearing, being mean to AI 

grammarly shut the fuck up challenge (only for grammarly everyone else doesn't shut the fuck up just grammarly)

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Indigenous Christmas donation request!!!!

Navajo nation doesn't have enough supplies to give toys to all the children on the rez this year!

While this is obviously not life threatening, it would be a great way to assist the navajo nation!

Zelle the number in the photo and put the memo Toys for Tots.

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insomnia and also bad words 

can i PLEASE get some tired juice good god ive been up literally all night for absolutely no reason it is 8:45am and i have shit to do today >:(

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taking too much brain stimulant medication on accident expectation: *galaxy brain concentration level*
taking too much brain stimulant medication on accident expectation: i have to click this pen at least 100 times per minute to that caterpillar rave vine playing in my head on repeat non stop!

i think it might stem from not wanting to say too much about what you're warning people away from (which makes total sense) but at the same time.. if its labeled with one word be prepared

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i think this new content warning system will take some getting used to. i am finding that often, the longer and more detailed cw's are for images that are less disturbing, triggering, or otherwise unsafe and more just kinda hyperspecific, while the shorter, more to-the-point cw's are.. well, there for a very good reason

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does favoriting mean something else on here? im used to reblogging/retweeting/whatever rather sparingly and liking everything i see with wild abandon
but the ratios of some of these posts make me worry that i may be committing a faux pas

if there is a god then why did i have to hear about putin stepping down from a cody ko video even though ive been bombarded by destiel memes for weeks now??? hmmmmmm?????

my pre-first-post-anxiety is over now so pls expect a tidal wave of absolute garbage from now on


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