police brutality 

Omaha Police kneeing and stomping on the ankle of a woman with special needs on May 1st. An internal investigation on the use of force was launched.

Taylor Michael Wilson sentenced to 14 years for trying to derail an Amtrak a year ago in SW Nebraska. The judge called Wilson (whom attended the Unite the Right and marched with accused murderer James Fields) a "gun-toting angry, at times incoherent, and other times uncooperative, white supremacist” fremonttribune.com/news/local/

Nebraska executed Carey Dean Moore last week. He coughed, heaved, turned purple, and opened his eyes. Then officials closed a curtain, blocking media witnesses from seeing what happened in the death chamber for 14 minutes. What is Nebraska hiding? journalstar.com/news/state-and

Please send stamps or money so that we can continue supporting prisoner unionizing in Kansas and Missouri. We’re estimating spending $100 per month on stamps, printing, paper, envelopes, and sticky labels and hope to raise $2k for the year for travel to conferences and face to face outreach!

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Norwegian black metal band Taake has lost a few tour dates and their supporting act, King Dude, over the singer's past flirtations with Nazi iconography. newsweek.com/antifa-protests-t

gun violence, eugenics, racism, the standard nazi crap 

Daniel Kleve, university of Nebraska-Lincoln junior, recalls the time he wanted to kill a Nigeria coworker. "Yeah it could be easy. I could get my 9mm and shoot him in the face." He also discusses his ideas on eugenics as a form of genocide in Africa.


college neo-nazis, richard spencer getting punched 

The violent Nazi problem at Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln, and methods of deplatforming hate. antifaneb.noblogs.org/post/201

Billionaire Nebraska governor Ricketts revokes honorary titles from fired educators for "harassing" a TP USA snowflake. Meanwhile Dan Kleve, the campus neo-Nazi is coddled as a free speech hero.

The Right can't meme. Anti-choice rally in Lincoln, NE where the billionaire governor and all senators are pontificating against abortion rights from the capitol steps.


In October 2017, an armed man from suburban St Louis tried to stop an Amtrak in rural southwest Nebraska. His FBI file was unsealed on January 3 2018, stating he was carrying an NSM business card when arrested, and his roommate stated he attended Unite the Right rally. A search of his phone showed alt-right material and a search of his home returned lots of well hidden ammo, and more neo-Nazi literature.

send us tips on fash activity and media of their destruction.

Not Guilty on all charges in first trial.

This is the best Solstice gift.

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