Honestly have been thinking a lot about law school recently as a way to get in on prison abolition work in a focused way, but there are days where I'm not sure we have enough time collectively for me to actually finish school and start doing anything helpful.

The root of this, probably, is that I've spent essentially my entire life in school, so it's my default answer for every situation. "How can I take action? Ah yeah, get a different degree!" πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‘

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Google cooperates with cops and the feds at the drop of a hat

Google is located in the United States, a five eyes country, so that even if they didn't want to cooperate with international cops, they could be compelled to do so

anything you upload to Google services should be considered in the hands of a prosecutor going after your most active and vulnerable friends

don't put yourself or friends at risk. use Google alternatives


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me: i can't tell my date i'm secretly a unicorn
~ later ~
date: i'm a fantasy novelist
random person: *hangs coat on my horn* i'm sorry, but did you say that you write fantasy novels? i love the ones with --
date: please don't say unicorns
me: (...)

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As a Florida native, the thing that shits me about so much of the state is that it's actually beautiful. It just wasn't a "cultivated" enough type of lovely, to be repackaged and sold to overpaid suckers from other parts of the country. So they buy in and move to these sterile landscaped dead-ass despair zones, within an ecological wonderland they barely ever get out into.

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I'm definitely doing it for myself, though, because I am sooooo incapable of reading more than a few pages at a time on my phone or computer

I'm gonna start practicing binding and bookmaking this winter, and if it goes well, I'll probably be making myself a few books from The Anarchist Library. If people are interested, I might even take requests and send them out for the cost of shipping supplies. :garnet_thinking:

Yesterday someone showed me a public library in what used to be the house of the richest fraternity in town. As I looked in the windows from the dark porch, admiring the intricately carved banister, my only words, quite loud, were "full communism 😍"

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spotted in Melbourne. I dunno what’s going on here but… ~aesthetic~

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If your partner is straight and you are not, no matter what gender y’all are, it is


Stop letting heteronormativity claim your beautiful bi and pan relationships.

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I regret to inform you that this account has been converted into an angsty punk lyrics-only account. Please proceed accordingly.

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