hey so remember how I wanted a project gutenberg corpus with every plaintext file in an easy-to-use format? mastodon.social/@aparrish/1005

well I wanted it so bad I guess that I went ahead and made it github.com/aparrish/gutenberg-

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"as sometimes at sunset
the rosyfingered moon

surpasses all the stars."

gayer words have never been spoken is2g

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Unicorn riot, Discord, antifa 

Columbia Journalism Review on how covers fascists and White Supremacists (here designated "alt-right") without giving them a platform cjr.org/united_states_project/

Thailand military, corporal punishment 

: autopsy of a cadet who died at the Armed Forces Academy Preparatory School reveals hemorrages of spleen and liver, which may suggest he may have been beaten to death as part of "military discipline". An Army pathologist had earlier attributed his death to a "heart attack" bangkokpost.com/news/general/1

net neutrality, dead or not 

Articles suggesting that may not be dead after all:
1. Both Maine Senators announce they "vehemently oppose" the FCC's proposed revocation of neutrality rules bangordailynews.com/2017/11/24
2. If the FCC policy prevails, it may well be overturned in court: nytimes.com/2017/11/22/opinion

food, forbidden knowledge part 2 

i tell you, these string cheese fun-facts are reliably weird

a helpful thing I did with my WIPs: took a stack of post-its and summarised each WIP in a sentence/a line

wolfenstein, nazis 

Esp in relation to bad articles on sympathizing of nazis the scraps and notes from soldiers in Wolfenstein 2 felt so much better. They felt less more like training against sympathizing, since those parts could be immediately juxtaposed by the atrocities they perform.
It makes the nazis more than faceless, and makes sure you're out to end them all the same

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So guys ! Need recommandations for good android apps (not google apps I mean) on #lineageOS ?

#Maps ? files manager ?

Other suggestions I don't think of ?

Related: if you are a teacher and anyone ever asks you when they're going to use word problems tell them that D&D players want to know the weirdest shit sometimes.

But if you have 200 bytes a second than you can encode a voice message in an image (yay steganography!!) and get about 4 minutes of voice in an 800x600 image and not have it suspiciously low quality for an image on the internet.

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"There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it."
-- C. S. Lewis, "The Chronicles of Narnia"

Years ago, my son competed in a rowing regatta in St. Catherines, Ontario and I went to watch.

Arriving early, I drove around the area to get my bearings, find restaurants, etc.

Driving up a small road near the course, I found myself at the local boathouse which was the site of the race's sponsor.

Introducing myself as the parent of a competitor, I was invited to serve as the driver of a small skiff, one used to provide safety for the rowers practicing on the course. A couple of hours later, a bit sunburned, I was relieved by another who took the next shift.

Unexpected engagement!

That is the kind of physical "community" which seems to be mirrored online via #Mastodon



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