I'm going to eat Mac&Cheese for supper and it is going to be just what I need.

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Should a post like this have a for ?
I'm not really clear on what that warning includes. I assumed pictures, but I am inconsistent when it comes to all mentions...

I confess: I can feel hesitancy in myself sometimes re:content warnings because the reward cycle of people responding to me feels less certain if I hide things.
I know that this isn't a good reason, so I still try to use CWs responsibly, but I feel like it's worth acknowledging. I crave attention/validation, and some design patterns may emphasize or de-emphasize those things in ways I still am learning to react to.

@b_cavello tagging for food is usually good bc it can be bad if someone either has an ED or needs to restrict/etc for medical reasons

@b_cavello but its also one of those things where most people who want to see the thing will click through anyway, and the 'tag CWs for common things and then let the rest be as people ask for it and evaluate on a case by case basis' is generally how it works everywhere else, so shrug

@b_cavello i think thats up to you? generally descriptions of food/eating it, glancing things probably ok? but its not something that affects me so i cant speak for others

@nire Yeah. I thought a mention would be okay contextualized as right for me without other judgments, but that's only based on what makes me anxious πŸ˜…

@nire @b_cavello any food mention is usually a good idea to CW, imo.

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