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is for suckers

for every boost, i'll hotlink a feature film.

(links will likely disappear over time, so if i post something you want, GET IT QUICK)

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If you're slingin code and need a host, and use

If you need a discussion platform, , you should be using for

Thanks to
@bilbono @downey

i hate block and mute functions.

when i use them, i wonder what i'm missing.

but i also don't like being made to feel inadequate, or seeing subtoots that make me insecure.

so i'm having a really hard time muting another user who is sometimes kind of mean, but also sometimes funny.

it wouldn't be hard, but they keep appearing in my timeline, so i know i'm going to be missing content shared by our tootuals.

this sucks

i will never claim to be taking a break from mastodon because im not going to humiliate myself by coming back 10 minutes later its that simple

Kill the concept of "RT does not equal endorsement."

Don't share content if you don't endorse it.

Don't spread it. Let it die.

Do not give it a platform.

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concept: a mastodon bot that scrapes USPTO patent data and tells you what patents are expiring today

@bigMouthCommie add one in the center that says "Everything is bad except actual bad things, which are fine." and it's perfect.

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everyone else can share the Mastodon. fuck this shit

yeah I like leftist podcasts, like *checks smudged note on hand*

I requested to follow a lot of people while knzk was down and folks were migrating and those requests are still pending, idk why but maybe boost this toot so folks check and accept me??? Sorry to bother you.

i have been kicked out of six schools for liberating the library computers with trisquel GNU+linux and i would happily do it again

you tell your mother you love her and yet you buy her a non-free android pixel device. the contradiction is astounding. the electronic frontier foundation has a little tip for people like you: die in hell forever

The FDA didn’t inspect any meat this year? Bring me a thousand fresh Big Macs!

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