The Borough of State College is currently ordering the State College PD to target and harass our supporters in retaliation for dropping off donations supporting our mutual aid work. We learned that on the evening of Jan 24 a supporter who had donated non-food items in support of unhoused residents was later illegally encircled and pulled over by three State College PD cruisers. This supporter reports that an SCPD officer demanded to see identification and alleged they were - 1/4

#SystemFail #3: The Ballot & The Bullet.

In this episode we look at the continuing racial tensions in the United Snakes, the political violence in Kenosha and Portland, and its effect on the upcoming US presidential elections (we produced this before Trump caught the rona, so maybe they'll just cancel them now...who knows?!). We end things off with a look at the ongoing uprising in Belarus, and an interview with Minsk-based anarchist, Maria.

CW, Fuck did Firefox do? 

@doctorflappy I been using brave

What's up with Firefox.


srsly wierd. i was open to communism thru college but thought most marxists sounded like conspiracy theorists.

then i started working....

thinking this afternoon that I miss listening to mumia abu-jamal's audio essays


official trailer:

i really like some of the multiplayer addons. i played 2 or 3 of the campaigns back on v0.8.

it's a p good game, and you can probably lose a few hundred hours to it if that's your style.

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