So it doesn't look like those gardening plans will happen before the end of the week, but! Yesterday I was tasked with an important bonus action for #SolarpunkActionWeek

I got into gardening talk with a customer at work, and when I mentioned my lime tree she said she'd always wanted one. So I offered to make her a clone of mine! Now I can share the abundance of my garden with someone else

I'm doing 2 because there's never a 100% success rate on these, and it's my first time. Instructions (with pictures) in the thread below, including how to make homemade rooting hormone!

#solarpunk #gardening #plants

Part 1/3: rooting hormone

Many plants don't need (but still benefit from) rooting hormone to grow from a cutting, but trees do. To make the one I used, first bring 1 cup of water to a boil, then add 1/2 tablespoon of local honey

It does have to be local, and not just because fuck capitalism. 3/4 of all "honey" in grocery stores contains no pollen at all after all the filtering, processing, and fillers. I don't know whether those fillers have the same effect on cuttings as honey, but I'm not risking it (plus I buy all honey local anyway, as should you)

Obviously, allow the honey tea to cool before putting your cuttings in it. Soak your cuttings in it for ~3 hours before planting in soil. Store it in an airtight container away from sunlight - it's good for about 3 weeks

Other homemade rooting hormone recipes I've seen include willow tea, cinnamon, and human saliva (no joke)



@socalledunitedstates this is an amazing thread- but you jumped from honey to honey tea, can you explain that?

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