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Laughing hysterically at Theresa May getting her fucking ass handed to her... So well deserved πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘

Repeating because this is still relevant: we will always need a front line. But the front line is useless if there is nothing to protect. We, leftists, radicals, comrades, need to STOP romanticizing and prioritizing massive rowdy street protest as the zenith of resistance tactics. It's inherently exclusive and an ideology fascists share, and it puts us at the disadvantage. We need to be able to use all our abilities, and so far "punching them in the face" only makes up a small percentage of what has been proven as effective. Widen your scope of praxis, yesterday.

A mom: would you like to say grace before dinner Susie?

Susie: yes mommy

[they hold hands]

Susie: To most Americans Anarchy is an evil-sounding word β€” another name for wickedness, perversity, and chaos. Anarchists are looked upon as a herd of uncombed, unwashed, and vile ruffians, bent on killing the rich and dividing their capital. Anarchy however, to its followers, actually signifies a social theory which regards the union of order with the absence of all government of man by man; in sh


Some father: "Can you lead us in prayer, Maicie?"

*they all bow their heads together*

Maycie: β€œNever be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth"

People are moving to different instances and asking me to join them. But do I really want to sign up on other ones?

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Hey OpenBSD users and supporters: I am looking for Compex WLE600VX and Compex WLE900VX and similar devices.

I did take a stab at porting ath10k from Linux about a year ago but that effort got stuck quite early on: vcs.in-berlin.de/stsp_athx/tim

I want to continue working on that project, and I will be getting some help from patrick@ this time.

The one and only ath10k device I had was inside a laptop which got robbed when my flat was burgled in November... :flan_angry:

#openbsd #wifi #hardware

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TIme for an #introduction

This is the mastodon account for the Ottawa IWW General Defence Committee Local 6

Check us out at ottawagdc.org

Defend the Union!
Defend the Community!
Defend the Working Class!

this is always true, but especially now.
encrypt. everything.
don't trust random companies. encrypt things yourself. put encrypted files on encrypted cloud services you run. use end to end encryption. and if it's something you can't risk the government seeing, consider deleting it.
this isn't going to stop, it's going to get worse and worse. even if you're not in australia, this can affect you. end to end encryption can't be decrypted by companies, so they're unable to comply with government requests for decryption. use it where you can, and do the really private stuff offline where you can.
stay safe πŸ’œ

"My people - the people who knew oppression, discrimination, prejudice, poverty and the frustration and despair they produce - were not Irish Americans. They were black, Puerto Rican, Chicano. And those who were supposed to be my people - the Irish Americans who knew about Irish misrule and the Famine and knew that Partition and England were the cause of the problem - looked and sounded like Orangemen to me. They said exactly the same things about blacks that the loyalists said about us at home. In New York, the key that I was given to the city by the mayor, I gave to the Black Panthers.” - Bernadette McAliskey

If anyone has any leftover money from the holiday, this poor orphan can use any and all of it ❀️


On May 9th, 1998, the KKK decided to hold a rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The city obliged, spending $137,000 to accomodate them.

Thus, Anti-Racist Action, the Revolutionary Worker's League, & the National Women's Rights Organizing Committee mobilized to shut them down.

And this is where the "Good Night White Pride" logo comes from:

Ann Arbor, MI anti-racist Harlon Jones showing a KKK member some northern hospitality w/ a kick to the face on 5/9/98.

The KKK promptly left.

Excellent praxis.

I asked for a heart attack this Christmas and yet here I still am. Proof there is no Santa Claus.

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