hey everyone i've moved back to computerfairies

@corzntin hey the "opt out of search indexing" option still isn't working...

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A mastodon instance, but every 3 days a random user account is replaced with a "corrupted" version, which is just a machine learning bot that learnt from their posts

i can't believe i'm actually co-producing a banger

soundcloud.com/typosounds/dogt YOOO my dude August did vocals over an old instrumental of mine!! It's a little rough but he's hella good regardless

can we just get rid of 'all rights reserved' as a whole and just make everything cc attribution

how have Sunn O))) and Califone not been sued or C&D'd yet but fuckin Teknor Apexx did

RIP teknor apexx 2016-17

turns out you can't run from trademark law 😕

holy fuck my friend's comedy industrial rap group got a cease and desist. for completely valid legal reasons but oh my god

and their lawyers really went ALL IN

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This is cool as heck: the earliest trees were hollow, with water-bearing structures (called xylem) along the outside of the tree instead of in the core like in modern trees. As the tree grew, the xylem tore apart to make room for new growth and then the tree repaired the tears, and occasionally the whole tree collapsed to form a wider base for continued growth. :weirdfish:


why is so much neofolk by neo-nazis

at least liholesie isn't known to be nazi...

i looked up 'cinccino' on deviantart and literally 5 seconds later i'm forced to look at foot and pregnancy fetish art

im never opening that hellsite again

ive no idea what to make my avatar now. this one's kinda stale

oversteps is endlessly underrated. it's probs my favorite by autechre

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