ACP special report n°1 - Email received - June 19

Received an email offering sponsored content : email unanswered and no action taken (no sponsored posts on acp)

Link :

ACP REPORT n°2 - June 19

1. Moderation (May)
- 3 reports
- 2 silenced users
- 1 suspended user
- 3 suspended instances

2. Finances
- domain was renewed for 2 years !
- current financial status is very good, thank youuuu

Link :

It is Pride day in my city so I might enjoy some fun and won’t be available for Discourses.

That is all I will say about this shit. Immaturity won’t take my time anymore. We're trying the best we can to ensure efficient and open moderation beyond our instance frontiers. We made emails, we made transparency reports, there is nothing we can do to treat immaturity. And we won’t.

Hi. Report is almost ready, sorry for the delay. I saw that some people I won’t mention are subtooting ACP, saying that we are an harmful instance, etc. I had the patience to treat those issues 2 years ago but I don’t anymore. Contact us using email, DM or whatever if you have an issue with us. Reports sent by email are made public in transparency report so everyone can access and discuss them : it’s the proper way to contact ACP (email addresses on about/more page)

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ACP received today a proposal from an ads company, offering us the opportunity to write sponsored content for a company that "revolutionizes the cannabis industry", arguing that such content would "spark the interest of [our] readers". You won't see this ad. Choose your strain wisely though. I personally like orange bud.

I may be able to fix my pleroma instance at some point. I still have my latest backup before the failure.

That is all for today. I'll for sure tell you if anything else comes to my mind lol.

Because this has lead to very weird situation in France : actual victims never get to have the author on trial but authors of infractions without known victims (smoking a joint…) are a priority. Questioning this principle would lead to justice to be less of a threat and more of an help. It would also lead to retrograde police from repressive cowboys to real investigators

While it’s useful for enforcing circulation laws (cars, traffic, parking) we can question the fact that it’s a fundamental concept in most juridical systems. Maybe the principle should be softened, and the repressive system, if maintained (because some argue that it shouldn’t exist at all) should be reserved to situations where victims do exist

It is very useful to understand, visualise and criticise laws and the organisation of it. The repressive system for example is well studied in sociology. The goal of a repressive trial aside the civil trial (which purpose is for the victim to ask for compensation) is to compensate the damage caused to society. In this schema, when there is an infraction without a victim, the society is always the victim. That’s why we have prison

Thank you comrades for your generous donations that make ACP 100% financed by its users. We now received enough "extra" (not Patreon) donations to renew the domain for at least 2 years and ensure a provision in case some patrons decide to stop donating. More details in transparency report to be published this week 🎉

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EN : to shipotst
FR : publichier

EN : a shitpost
FR : une publicaca

ACP 🎉🍰

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