I thought this was some kind of irony or joke but this instance is literally asking you for your credit card numbers when registering anticapitalist.party/media/tm1

@wxcafe yeah, I think so, because 1 time payments are non-sense in this case

@wxcafe putain je t'ai répondu en anglais mon cerveau est perdu depuis que je suis ici

@corzntin Hosting costs. Instances are free to make paid inscriptions, ie. associations.

@corzntin Sorry I meant that with sarcasim ^^ Which instance is it?

@corzntin Perhaps I should make my own instance at a cost of 5k per registration for only the "elites" in society. You'd join right?

@corzntin Why would anyone pay just to be on a specific instance in a decentralized network? I assume they're either paying for the domain name (IMO, a waste of money, but whatever) or don't understand that they can communicate with people on that instance from a different one.

@corzntin I was wondering how long it would be before that happened... I'd be more into an instance requiring donation through some external system I trust rather than a form asking for credit card info.

@corzntin I mean...assuming that they're not just harvesting the numbers, I don't see a problem with charging for accounts. MetaFilter has done that since forever

@corzntin @LogicalDash I'm interested in hosting my own instance, but if that doesn't work out, I'd definitely be interested in paying for a professionally maintained instance. mastodon.pro :joy:

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