Moderation and CW Gate, personal opinion 

I think the main problem about those CW and instance blocks, is that some see Mastodon as a unified network ; but it's not. Mastodon is a federation of connected communities, and each one of them has guidelines. When they are incompatible, I don't think it is "censorship" to defederate. That's my personal opinion.

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Moderation and CW Gate, personal opinion 

I mean, people register to Witches or Anticapitalist for a reason. That's because they want to be in a community, and talk to the other compatible communities. The job of a moderator is to ensure that only compatible communities are connected to the instance. And, as we all know, people registering on certain instances are minorities, who are oppressed in real life, and they registered to such instances to feel safe. We have to respect that.

That's it for my personal opinion. As I'm still elaborating it, I would gladly read yours, especially if you're on my instance. We're doing moderation together, I'm not doing it alone.

Also, feature request maybe : the ability for administrators to add content warnings to toots.

And I also think administrators should be connected with some kind of channel, where they would share which instances they defederate with, which accounts they block, etc. so moderation can be more efficient. Some Riot or Discord channel, stuff like that ?

@corzntin exactly. it is not censorship to refuse to host somebody in your home. i wonder, do people who fetishise free speech ever shut the door to jehovas witnesses?

@corzntin I have launched a server at if you want

@corzntin There's a mailing list :

I think we should have block lists, like ad blocker softwares' ^^

@Hixe This mailing list is not moderation specific and nazis communities can join in

@corzntin You meant an *internal* system for each instance ?

(Markdown support in toots could be great btw)

@corzntin Did anything ever come of that? Because I'd be up for some Slack or Discord channel for moderatory things (provided I'm welcome there, duh).

@corzntin I don't disagree, but personally prefer being part of/exposed to the wider fediverse.

If a decision to defederate was made, it'd need to be well communicated to members. (I'm talking about wholesale defederating from most of the wider network, not just blacklisting nazis or whatever.)

@ink_slinger Yes, I do understand that. That's why I have an account on a "wider" instance.

@corzntin Multiple accounts, though somewhat inconvenient, might be the easiest solution. That's the beauty of decentralization (but also something many people have trouble wrapping their head around, especially if they think Mastodon is just a Twitter clone without the UI tweaks that drove them away from Twitter.)

@corzntin all user do moderation service it's mastodon, it's love =D

Moderation and CW Gate, personal opinion 

@corzntin Agree. Defederation = free association, not censorship.

Moderation and CW Gate, personal opinion 

@corzntin mmm okok i do it, but imo CW are annoing and no-one click2watch. if someone dont want see CW post canjust block user, no?. I come here for the name of this community "Anticapitalist" and not "Post your cat" shit.

Moderation and CW Gate, personal opinion 

@corzntin and the, what is "politics" and what no is the question.

Moderation and CW Gate, personal opinion 

@cuz That's a good question. I have no opinion about this right now.

Moderation and CW Gate, personal opinion 

@corzntin Me too. this is why CW is bullshit.

Moderation and CW Gate, personal opinion 

@corzntin Thank you for being so considerate 鈥 and awesome (-:

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