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anybody know why midi controller keybeds tend to feel much worse than unweighted synthesizer keybeds? are there some that don't?

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lately ive been interested in those super diverse slice-of-life / romcom comics like , , and , but all these are written by white guys..... im interested in reading one from a new perspective, does anyone have any recommendations?

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ah! The Real World! your reputation precedes you

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hey, if we've chatted in replies a few times and i probably know who you are, feel free to DM me and i'll give you my messaging accounts or my overwatch!

(this is for my pinned, no boost please)

i love when people are like "do you know x" and im like "nah not really" and they're like "really?? you don't?? (wow you're stupid)"

scrubs S01E21 episodic spoilers 

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do i need to cw my vaguely negative posts more

me: *self sabotages*
(time passes)
me: OH FUCK WHAT HAVE I DONE *anxiety attack*
(time passes)
me: okay we're okay. let's fix this. *just self sabotages more*
(repeat with increased intensity)

because i have a broken wifi card that works 5% of the time i'm having lots of fun making incredibly cursed networks like forwarding my wan from my DHCP wifi laptop through a crossover cable to my desktop and then scp'ing my resolv.conf over because idk how to dns forward

yeahhhh i should've set this up on my desktop
but my desktop is all ~weird~ rn

the best accessories give you new floppy limbs, like scarves, peruvian hats,


me: finally someone acknowledges my uncomputable relationship to spacetime

i forgot about graalVM, that's a very cool project

what if you had a universal ABI layer that was actually a process rather than a file (or a special file) that knows about a bunch of calling conventions and converts them on the fly rather than expecting the software to do so
is this a thing. is this incredibly stupid

scrubs S01E14 

making a joke bot by writing 500 bad jokes and having it post one per day

hmm should i try to convince myself that reality is real and i am in fact within/in control of my body or just hope my body goes to bed soon from shear tiredness and resolves the issue in their sleep

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