noticed furry art declining on my TL whether b/c of increased follows or people moving on/around, so followed a few new accounts. hi folks

@AzureHusky hey, mind if i follow? love the art you post and boost. might have even followed you at an old account? i recognize your handle

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i managed to get snapshat to serve it up to me again, it's not anything like i described lol. here:

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the top notes are: D | Bb | G. iirc they had a major cadence so maybe the chords were G | Eb | C but im running far with a little. there were some pickups too, maybe the notes G Bb

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this is the original uploader, name is Kadir Mert, but that doesn't help me with Google

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searching for the song that accompanies this video in the tiktok ad that shows up on snapchat

it's some full synthy chords with the rhythm like 1 2 - - | 1 2 - - | 1 2 3 4

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By the ontological argument, God is perfect ∴ any trait which would make God better, God must already have ∴ God is a trans girl.

i was like damn guess im doing my homework but then thankfully my brother was like EXCUSE ME??

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remember when my mom said she'd take my hrt away if i didn't do my homework

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"wow cassidy i sure wish you would put out a new video and it would be one where you're covered in blood and also talking about using dating apps as a trans person"

calm down you little freak, i got you.

my scheme-like to wasm compiler is now dubbed "schemen wasmverse"

so i heard a dad joke and now every time i compile rust i think

cargo run?
no, car no do that, car go drive

(my blood is deadly because i have sphorocytosis. at best all the cells would be killed and at worst it would lead to spleen rupture)

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it's a good thing my blood is literally deadly so i don't have to worry about homophobia if i tried donating

after compiling a lot of rust, dmenu starts segfaulting after keypresses. go figure. and people wonder why "turn it off and on again" works


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