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i don't have much to say, only countless ways to say it and somehow a sense that it'll never be enough to say what i wanted to

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hey, if we've chatted in replies a few times and i probably know who you are, feel free to DM me and i'll give you my messaging accounts or my overwatch!

(this is for my pinned, no boost please)

this is me when i haven't done shit for the day and am trying to feel better about it

When your only tool is a clarinet, all your problems start looking like capitalism.

could you make a stack overflow by declaring too many local variables πŸ€”

how could the meaning of life end up being something that feels like work

wait is chandler's dad supposed to be gay or trans im confused. why would they have a woman play a man in drag πŸ€”

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am i gonna have to parse a DAG to turn C like syntax to a stack machine πŸ™„πŸ€”

i was about to learn knitting but then i realized it probly wouldn't shut my brain up but lmk if im wrong on that

that'll shut up your inner voice but also doesn't take a bunch of work

hmm, what things can you do besides watching TV when ur brain just wants to idle

Annnnd just like that I'm re-watching the whole series I guess πŸ˜…


Steven Universe in Under 2 Minutes

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Feel Somethin' by Thomas Tonfeld


not sure where my executive dysfunction ends and my white middle class lazyboy spoiledness begins

consider: Steven Universe: Adventures of Lapis and Peridot

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