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this image pretty much only exists on web archive, but hello literal alternate-universe version of my avatar

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when you listen to a song, in most cases who do you decide "i/me" and "you" refer to?
obviously the general answer is "me is the speaker in the literary sense and you would be the audience" but songs seem to have special rules where it's more often implied

no extra points for the cheeky answer "you = music, all songs are meta" :P

oh right i'm supposed to post. uh
- paymper is so clooose i can taste it
- i started progesteroni today it's time for my tiddies to be more reasonable
- broad city is eh, okay
- yes, obv i'm happy about clintiott kissy
- frank ocean, animal collective, sidney gish, glass beach

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͏ 🐌 🐌🐌🐾 📡 🐾
 📡🐌🐾 🐾🐌 🐾🐾
📡🐾🐾🐾 🐾🐌   
  🐾 🐾🐾🐾🐌🐾🐌
🐌📡   🐾🐾🐌🐌🐌
 🐾🐌 📡📡🐾 🐾 
 🐌  🐌🐌  🐌🐌

- const mergedSummaries = uniqBy(mergeArrays(oldSummaries || [], newSummaries, compareTimelineItemSummaries), byId)
+ const mergedSummaries = uniqBy(mergeArrays(oldSummaries || [], newSummaries, compareTimelineItemSummaries), summary => summary.accountId)
i have shushed the mastodon. everyone is quiet now

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more like CAN'T

I made the macro; you make the image owo
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today is the anniversary of 3 Steven Universe episodes, including season Future, episode 13: "Together Forever"!!!
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it's related to my bees. can u guess the theme

(not the birds and the bees, that's just a coincidence)

i am posting this just so there will be a result on google
there is totally a reference in The Owl House to Dan Harmon's eight stage story cycle. pretty funny, blink and you miss it, but kind of surprising in a disney show. it's in S01E11 blah blah blah

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a precarious position
the inevitable consequence
irreparable damage

anyone got non gender-essentialist resources on how to sing? esp explanations of passagio / mixed voice are very difficult to navigate without having to figure out which kind of "gender" they're talking about every sentence

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why did i forget clinton is a umass student?? hmm... maybe i *should* live off-campus next year.... also... is it weird if he's hotter now that he goes to my school in a fictional universe....

Show thread baruch hashem glad we're back to this. i mean clinton is still a big jerk no-thinker but, this is alright

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wish people would understand that cultural appropriation is something that primarily affects minority groups (mostly immigrants & indigenous) WITHIN a country and not necessarily something between two totally unrelated countries. it's also meant to describe a oppressor/oppressed relation. it doesn't mean "you did another culture's thing and that's bad for some reason."

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im told this is a known thing called a soft 404, and my homepage happens to fit into it for obvious reasons. doesn't bother me, spares me having to echo * > robots.txt

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fun tidbit: if you serve a website (no robots.txt or anything) which responds 200, but the title is "404 Not Found", google will remove it from search results :P

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