Never forget that AmeriKKKa is an illegitimate country created off of stolen land and genocide, and built off the back of slavery. okay this has to be a reference to Randall Munroe, author of xkcd, right?? he even looks like him

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there was a "defund the police" / BLM peaceful protest at boise city hall last night, but the protesters were harassed & eventually assaulted by a large crowd of armed trump supporters, neo-nazis, & white supremacists. multiple videos show nazi symbolism on patches / tattoos worn by assailants. the police allowed the situation to escalate into physical altercations before they intervened & disbanded the protest. fine way to end pride month .....

care for some random data in these trying times 

@eval wait this isn't random data

why is Black History Month always the shortest month of the year

why does pride month have to be one with only 30 days

wait no, maybe the wasm export of a static slice isn't the address of the slice, it's the address of a pointer to the slice

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rust.... has decided.... to put a VTable.... in the middle of my static

more trans masc meta 

also a final side note on the "protecting us thing", we like, See That You Don't lol. b4 taking a firm Trans Masc Defender Stance, think to urself, are you really speaking up for trans masc ppl when your friends talk about femininity being inherently positive?? are you really taking trans masc needs into account when you talk about The Trans Community As A Whole? are you comfortable w ppl critiquing transmascs for upholding the gender binary by being traditionally masculine?

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intelligence-does-not-exist blogging (wordy, with 206 of them) 

intelligence, n.: a pseudoscientific model of cognition promoted during the expansion of western European colonialism as a tool for promoting racism. In this model, considerations such as technique, experience, theoretical knowledge, training, enculturation, habit, health, safety, tools, logistical support, and so on are downplayed and the observed (as opposed to actual) results of cognitive labor are instead ascribed to either an innate presence or innate absence of intelligence.

Aside from the aforementioned racism, the widespread adoption of this model has lead to a great deal of ableism, neurotypicalism, and suppression of dissent. This occurs because both nonconformances to social norms and differences in communication methods are interpreted as failures of intelligence; given that in this model /all/ cognitive labor, including the labor involved in autonomous existence as a person, is taken to rely on intelligence, these factors are frequently taken as sufficient cause to deny the marginalized individual control over their own existence.

While the authors of this dictionary would strongly discourage any reliance upon this model of cognition to the understanding of people themselves, we include it to aid any readers who may find themselves studying older works, fiction or nonfiction, that are to a greater or lesser extent based on this model.

- 🐲 πŸ’’

you, having taken data structures and seen the elegance and efficiency of hash maps: hash maps are the ultimate data structure they do most things you'd ever want in O(1)! im making programming languages based entirely on them!
me, staring at this profile: haha hash map go zzzzzzz

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prof: okay so, the benchmark to beat is 2 seconds, we have some optimizations yet to do but let's see what we can do already
me: i've got uhhh.... 4 hours?

i fucking hate Clyde, they delete my messages and clutter the screen with errors, when the old "turning red, hold to resend" thing worked way better

i had my hair in a braid crown yesterday and just sorta stuck bobbi pins in like crazy till it stuck, then when it came time to go to bed i was like 1, 2, 3, 4, sure that seems like approximately the number i put in, but i woke up this morning with two more lying on my pillow

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