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ah! The Real World! your reputation precedes you

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i don't have much to say, only countless ways to say it and somehow a sense that it'll never be enough to say what i wanted to

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hey, if we've chatted in replies a few times and i probably know who you are, feel free to DM me and i'll give you my messaging accounts or my overwatch!

(this is for my pinned, no boost please)

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maybe they're all uniquely powerful because many people are uniquely powerful, tho latent.... wow holy shit

gotta figure out a way to audio journal that doesn't leave me looking over my shoulder a lot

(putting off reading Sister III because Sister II was a lot and im Doing Things)

🎡 mister ill, make a fan, out of youuuuu! 🎡

*checks notis* sooo does this mean my plan to flood fedi with egs fans didn't WORK? damn!

one of my fav characters is Tedd, a genderfluid mad scientist, who uses transformation powers to explore and live in his identity, sharing his love for studying magic with his friends. he has natural purple hair. i love him

you might need to be patient at the very beginning. the comic matures (but mostly stays similar in purpose + tone)

please read it so you can post on the hashtag and fave my appreciation posts and/or tell me my obsession with Tedd is unhealthy lol


i recommend the webcomic El Goonish Shive (egs). it's about a bunch of teens who find themselves in the middle of a bunch of supernatural/sci-fi, and also slice of life situations. It's that "drama with punchlines" style. the fantasy element is mostly magic, which usually centers around transformation! egs does a really good job of centering the queerness of transformation, magic, and life. it's also... "really horny"

it starts here. the art gets better.


oh boy ok so im gonna post an intro for it soon. tomorrow when i can make sure it's good

you: yeah so after a few weeks of deliberation, i decided what tattoo to get and im finishing it tomorrow
me: after a few years of deliberation ive decided what sticker to put on my laptop. im hoping to put it on third quarter 2020

im gonna get to the bottom of this quiet....

have you heard of egs (El Goonish Shive)?

I Will Read It All And Then I Can Browse Without Fear Of Spoilers*
* this is heavily contrary to my powerful instinct to s a v o r it big league

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