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this image pretty much only exists on web archive, but hello literal alternate-universe version of my avatar

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wish people would understand that cultural appropriation is something that primarily affects minority groups (mostly immigrants & indigenous) WITHIN a country and not necessarily something between two totally unrelated countries. it's also meant to describe a oppressor/oppressed relation. it doesn't mean "you did another culture's thing and that's bad for some reason."

im told this is a known thing called a soft 404, and my homepage happens to fit into it for obvious reasons. doesn't bother me, spares me having to echo * > robots.txt

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fun tidbit: if you serve a website (no robots.txt or anything) which responds 200, but the title is "404 Not Found", google will remove it from search results :P


Need to stop hurrying, slow down and take control
Gotta stop worrying about your problems you should know
Need to stop feeling like my life is such a mess
Because the world has got me in it
It's my time and I should live it, oh

(Mystery Skulls - Money)

🎵 so testesterone girls and haaaarlequin boys 🎶

it's cool how a bunch of people have built a silly bot with @eval and it hasn't somehow devolved into completely worthless garbage or malicious code

today's dumbing of age, and in part, this whole glasses arc is..... wow, it's a lot. but especially the comments on this one.... i'm in a similar position to joyce and the same as some people in the comments........ i was happy to wear glasses but then realized they actually look rly bad on my face... and contacts are right out.... i just live with bad vision....... people are making fun of that option..... idk..... maybe i'm also afraid of change.... idk

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todaq is the annaversary of 2 Steven Universe epasodes, ancluding season 2, episgde 25: "Log Date 7 15 2"!!!


why didn't anyone tell me eval died over a week ago

but i am a season and a half in and i fully intend to finish it because i haven't even gotten to the gay part yet

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if breathing from the chest is wrong, why does everyone do it

am i about to watch Harley Quinn (2019) because i saw clips that showed up on yountube

Now you shall feel the true power of my stand, 「FREEZING MACHINE」!!
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