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this image pretty much only exists on web archive, but hello literal alternate-universe version of my avatar

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Pepper bird has finally grown himself some glorious tail feathers!

Now to get those flight feathers back in

SyncPlay's ( hosted servers have been having some problems (or at least were a few months ago)

If you want one, i am running one on my server:

It is very small, but i doubt that many people use syncplay, so feel free to use and share until it becomes a problem. No guarantees of continued availability

By the way, it was easy to set up, once i coerced Debian into giving me a particular python version

Recommend me a domain registrar? Wanting to switch from Namecheap because of
- dropping a domain (not mine) because of social engineering and taking forever to rectify it
- taking forever to deplatform fascists (?)

Would like
- Cheap
- Small? Is that possible?
- Tends more on the "no nazis" side than the free speech side

i don't really need anything fancy or good propagation times i just need an A record or two for my personal website

trans people: if there's a fashion pinterest board (or similar) that you love, consider sending it to me?

@eval service notice: seems to have an expired SSL certificate. i don't have time to figure out how to work around that, so it will be back either when @iliana fixes the cert or i suddenly have more time

has there been a longread on the car warranty calls? because there's clearly a substantial regulatory failure there but all I've seen about it is jokes

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This program:
({n: new ((function() { return this; }))("programming languages are cool",this,"javascript is fun",),m: (+(this ? null : null)),t: (--(this ? true : true)[3]),})
... evaluates to...
What a surprise!
Sorry i'm incompatible with Node v16.3.0
today is the anniversary of Steven Universe season 2, episode 7: "Keeping It Together"!!!
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