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lately ive been interested in those super diverse slice-of-life / romcom comics like , , and , but all these are written by white guys..... im interested in reading one from a new perspective, does anyone have any recommendations?

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ah! The Real World! your reputation precedes you

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hey, if we've chatted in replies a few times and i probably know who you are, feel free to DM me and i'll give you my messaging accounts or my overwatch!

(this is for my pinned, no boost please)


what's that instrument uhhhhh wait uhhhh okay, Google: "drum with metal in it"
OH YEAH tambourine

why do i never feel that way about keyboard performers despite having waaayy more experience with that?

answer: i do but in those cases i don't think "then i must be good enough" i think "lol this person sucks"

i saw another bass performance today (at the climate rally) that i was like "i could do that!!" so maybe i should look for bands

me, looking around room: yeah there's no key here
my brain: gnocchi here
me: SHUT UP this is your day's earnings here!!
my brain: gnocchi here

- sunburned myself at climate strike
- accidentally accepted job i don't want
- lost my key ($60)
- made a fool of myself in front of Cool Queers
- saw Northampton tho, that was cool

for some reason if you say "i hate your shirt" people usually act as if you had said "i like your shirt"

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there are always between -1 and 1 cosines in the world at any given time

i intended this one way but it works both ways tbh

millions of cosines suffer from Cute Boy Disease every day

Kam already runs on a server/client text system. i should:

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