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jingryd wnlyeii @cosine

hey, folks who have / run / make those "ebooks" or "markov" bots?

could you please CW their posts?

like 1/2 of my mutes are from these. it's actually so frustrating to read a toot 5 or 6 times trying to understand it, only to find out it was a bot. especially as someone who struggles with reading

a quick CW, and they're actually quite fun! i know what i'm looking at before getting into it, and they can be funny

"well then, just don't follow" -> these get boosted into my TL. a lot

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@cosine its better for them if they only get the punch line

@cosine A tag identifying the toot as bot-created at the beginning would also work, I think.

@cosine thanks for the input! I have such a bot over at birbsite, in the land of no CW-feature; would a tag starting the post help as well? If so, would #bot be a good tag or do you think another tag would work better?

@gRuFtY @cosine another, there's some news accounts on our instance that post with #bot but I like some of them