ok. what if instead of using 12 word mnemonics for private key seeds, we made you play a drum solo on your keyboard. no im not kidding. you use like d f j k and an 8 bar random beat is displayed and played, you play it back until you get it reliably

drum solos instead of passwords

this toot is under GPL

i worked out that 8 bar by entropy btw. if you use half, quarter, eight, sixteenth and d f j k randomly you get 128 bits of entropy (the amount needed for a bitcoin wallet seed). that'd probably be hard mode, 4 bars would get you enough for most passwords

xkcd declares "correct horse battery staple" as 44 bits of entropy. on easy drum mode that's just a 3 bar solo

update: i have rhythm generation and a guitar hero style thing set up. now to do password generation and raw presses interpretation

feels like would only be practical if things could handle chording for moments when either hand hits something at once

@shmibs good point. you'd wanna select chordable keys, like maybe arrows or wasd

The equivalent of using "password" as your password in this new system is just going to be using Phil Collins' drum solo from "In the Air Tonight"

@cosine (aware I keep showing up in response to your spitballing ideas ^^;)

There was actually a proof of concept along these lines for a password system that didn't require the user to consciously know it. It was essentially Guitar Hero. They'd throw a certain sequence of notes in more often, and you'd subconsciously learn it. Then to log in they would confirm that that sequence was performed significantly more accurately relative to unfamiliar sequences.

@cosine upshot being someone can force you to log in, but they can't force you to give over your password.

@swift ohhhhhh i see, that makes more sense, so they can't get permanent control. i like it!

@cosine I do not. I had a quick dig, but I can't remember enough of the specific terminology they used to turn it up :/

@swift that's really really interesting! i remember hearing about this on TV once, i think the idea was to be resistant to the ol' "beat them with a wrench till they give me their password" idea, though i never understood how exactly that solves the problem

@cosine the trouble is no drummer besides Neil Peart would ever play a drum solo consistently

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