The BBC's short story prize is judged blind (meaning no names or any other information are attached to the manuscript).

For the fifth time, all the finalists are women.

@cosine Women are currently dominating literary fiction. Any topic anyone stereotypically thinks a man would write, women are currently writing. Women are putting out muscular and lyrical prose. Women are writing stereotypical dad books.

And aside from quality, no. I don’t think you can tell.


@some_qualia lmao okay dude, women are objectively better writers but don't write in a remotely different voice than men /s

besides being completely contradictory, it doesn't stack up against any real life experience

@cosine I'd repeat myself to correct your ridiculous misreading, but I don't like you. Knowledge is power. Happy to see you struggle.

I'm not interested in your experience. You are incurious, dull, and unpleasant. While I am happy to see you struggle, the novelty has worn off.

You are dismissed.

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