seeing a resurgence of LB. / LRT is annoying at best, if i find your toot in older history or worse a hashtag, it's lost

so here's a lesson on how to quote toot:

1. reply
2. remove the @ mention if you'd to not notify the OP
3. boost your reply

then i can click your toot and see what you're referring to. the boost is so that it shows up in timelines even if they don't follow the OP

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@cosine being able to this as a single step while also showing the toot you're replying to in your boost would be great

@ben nah, cause quote toots are garbage, the friction to do this is good

@cosine what if it works identically to how boosting a reply that mentions the person you're replying to does right now but it also shows the toot you're replying to above your message in the timeline?

@ben sounds like garbage. i went on Twitter once, that feature is only good for vitriol. i like replies to be a message to OP, not a callout of OP to your followers

@cosine I'm specifically wanting this for replying to the multitude of bot toots in my feed.

@cosine what if quote tooting was allowed only if the account you're quoting was self-identified as a bot?

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