check out my new bot [at]

i made this bot because i wanted a bot that helps make deeper connections on mastodon

what it does is it connects you with a random mutual, but to give you something fun to talk about, it hides who you're talking to so you can try to guess who they are

copy into the search bar (cause otherwise this toot would start a conversation) and mention the bot to try it out!

@cosine I seem to be in a conversation with myself 🤔

(you can look at the messages, nothing private going on there)

@zigg you've hidden your followers / follows in mastodon, so there's no way for the bot to find a mutual. ill work on making the error message better for this

@zigg if you unhide that (in masto settings -> Hide your Network), then mention the bot again, you can go right back to hiding it again no problem

@cosine I tried it I don't think it worked. Did I do something wrong

@audiodude it just waits until the person responds, my guess is you're just waiting. ill have it give some feedback in the next version

@cosine Yeah something like "Okay, I've dispatched a message to your secret match....blah blah blah"

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