im working on a kinda nice little masto thing

or lofi, either works, but its named after this one

@cosine this app isn't doing anything, are you just farming credentials :thinkhappy:

@er1n the intention is to feel like when you look at a city and know there's a lot of people there even though you can't see them, clicking on the sparkles is an afterthought

@er1n thanks! im glad you like it! i still wanna tweak it and make it feel more aesthetic, but i got a lot of the tech down last night

@cosine also the song you linked is very good. the whole... thging is making me almost cry a little bit

@er1n awww im rly glad! i loooove fkj so much. you should check out all their stuff. they have ONE (1) live album on soundcloud where they take the jazz inspiration to 100 and it's sooo. good.

@cosine is the speed of them just random or is it based on something

@er1n it's random, with the average made so that you'll have ~10 sparkles onscreen at a time. i wanted to find a compromise between the sparkles feeling fleeting and feeling numerous, unfortunately my pub TL isn't quite as noisy as a city :P

@er1n uhhh
i should've limited the scope to READ but i forgot sorry

@er1n yep! the whole idea sorta came from lainchan, trying to make a lainchan "comfy" masto client

@cosine i should check out lainchan tbh, it fits with parts of my æsthetic

@er1n yeah.... it can be a lot but it's really aesthetic. my friend is obsessed, i don't check it as much as i should. that cyberpunk-nostalgia feeling is powerful stuff itll put me outta commission haha

@cosine yeah theres like certain things that i can't look at too often because it's like taking hits of a powerful drug

@cosine and it just fucks me up and makes me long for things which will never exist, or something equally unproductive

@cosine hahahaha for me "thinking about transition being possible" has become one of those things, whoops

@er1n ahh oh no :( it's more realistic than you realize you'll realize one day that just happened

@djsundog thank you so much!!

ps: the sparkles look awful in your font :( i should set the font shouldn't i

@djsundog @cosine just use an actual image instead of a font, it would be faster to render anyway

@djsundog @cosine I'm not sure which is faster, but yeah, it's just font lookup that's terrible in general

@Efi @djsundog yeah, that was one idea. i wanted to change the color for a hashtag, and then i was also thinking about using a random emoji for different people so you could notice when the same person posts, but im undecided so i may just go with a pretty svg

@cosine @djsundog procedural svg sparkles that are created from a hash of the username

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