include how to build your app!!!! in your readme!!!! doofus!!

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@cosine no no no, readme is only for people who know how to read!

build instructions are for e'erybody!

so they live in INSTALL! which might maybe just have a dead url of where the documentation used to be! but for debian! πŸ€”

@bobby_newmark just somewhere please. even in contributing. and don't include a huge including how to make pull requests and that jazz and not even include it!!

@cosine well, i mean, the canonical way of getting the build instructions is....

you have irc, right?

okay, great. so hope over onto freenode and ask around for an invite to the disco-*is mobbed off stage and thrown to the wolves*

@cosine "just build and run!"

also include a list of required libraries/dependencies, build tools and an example config (and where that config is expected to be!)
having to find out that libthing is actually called doesabunchastuff.0b.2.1-1998 by running ldd on an old binary is a bad start

developer assumptions are the most opaque substance in the universe

@LazyTechsupport @cosine and a screenshot! please!!!! help me decide if it's even worth downloading whatever it is!

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