u ever get that really nonbinary mood not just gender wise but like every fact, feeling, or concept is in a superposition of high dimensional values and ur just like, cool, most things are kinda unknowable

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@Miredly it can be a good feeling, if approached with the right blasΓ©

@cosine Yeah, luckily I've carefully honed my existential apathy over the years, otherwise those moments would kill me

@Miredly ahaha, what else is teenagerhood for besides carefully honing existential apathy

@cosine Right? I distinctly remember lying wide-eyed in bed at 15, staring at the ceiling at 3am on a school night because I couldn't sleep, knowing that I'd never know what there was before the Big Bang.

Some time after that I realized that it wasn't really important, and fell asleep. When I woke up, nothing felt important anymore, and that felt great!

Until it didn't.

Ah, life.

@Miredly at some point i'll figure out what's really important and i'm sure that'll be when it's far too late

@yaaps im sure multidimensional spatial reasoning is very valuable, but i haven't even caught up to /3d/ spatial reasoning be patient 😣

No rush πŸ‘

I think the most relevant aspects of social modeling to my personal life is that is that we conflate dimensions like sexual and romantic orientations, gender and sex, or aspects of gender. Mathematically, this mostly works, but we need to understand that chaotic behavior at boundaries means that we have fractional dimensions in our model, which is to say that some of the dimensions that we've combined to simplify things are wrong because there are additional factors that need to be included in the composition

@yaaps yeah, im kinda lost, but i support you 😊

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