everyone's acting like you can't go outside. you can go outside. probly should go outside

@The_T :( i don't have any ideas. kill your boss and/or landlord?

@cosine hay fever and pollution (what there is of it atm), but otherwise, yes

@cosine so long as it’s places that are free of ppl or there’s few enough ppl it’s not a contraction risk like, go for it imo.

I have autoimmune issues and I’m going to the countryside for walks so I can cope with being in the house 80% of the time.

It’s ppl going to parties and such that are the issue.

@cosine Maybe folks are having a nice nap for a while. But you’re right, it’s best in a hammock if that is tenable.

@Shufei oo i should get our hammock set up. im so glad this is going into the summer than the winter - if only for heating costs

@cosine I was thinking about it, and thought to mention... I adore hammocks in late Fall. If you bundle up with a puffy jacket and a wool blanket, it can be wonderful to lay and have a nap. The trick is a pad or some blankie under you to keep the net from making one’s backside too chill.

@Shufei oooo the blanket trick sounds nice. that sounds really pleasant to be honest!!

@cosine If you give it a go in this weather and fancy posting on it, please do ping me?


There were far more folks in the park walking on the trails than I expected, today.

@cosine yeah uh yesterday I was talking to some people who hadn't left their respective dwellings in 1-2 weeks and they aren't immunocompromised or in contact with at-risk people either. And I was just like... do you... realize... you don't have to do this

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