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peter landin, who brought the lambda calculus to programming languages and essentially invented the family of languages including ML and Haskell in his "The next 700 programming languages" paper. who coined/came up with python-like off-sides rule and the term "syntactic sugar"

and of course, namesake of the landin's knot, which i am procrastinating implementing by looking him up

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"Towards the end of his life, Peter became convinced that computing had been a bad idea"
folks i have no choice but to stan, this guy is my new hero

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i've seen this guy's name like... a bunch in learning programming language stuff and it's all still new to me, i think he was like a rly big figure so i can't believe im just learning this

all these articles are sidestepping and calling him a "radical" and i'm trying to figure out if this fucker was like a communist or what

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he definitely lived on a commune. he also played piano, like me
"the goal of his research was to tell beautiful stories about computation"

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@typhlosion right?? the article continues, "giving support to profit-taking corporate interests and a surveillance state." apparently his dinner parties were one place pride parades were reinvigorated

@acciomath i was supposed to go to bed an hour ago but i had to find everything i could on this guy, i'll try to continue tomorrow

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